You! Stop Growing Food!

Big Agra comes up in discussion frequently on some of my favorite blogs. Head on over to  Uppity Woman and type Monsanto in the search box. Go and read this post for a quick primer.

Just like everybody else I have relatives who think the government is like a loving god, looking out for our best interests. Said relatives did not want to hear anything about Monsanto or Big Agra or the government or the UN trying to control the food. Nope, uh uh, must be a “conspiracy theory.”

Well it appears I have a convert- a relative sent me this link this morning- a farmer in Georgia is being fined for growing too many vegetables. That’s right- fined for growing food! Beware zoning commissions and PAY ATTENTION!

Here is a video version of the story.

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    • No I had not seen it- though I have believed that the Humane Society is a shitty money grubbing political operation for a long time. I wish there had been some links to follow in the article- if you can find any please post them. We have a whack job bitch in our county who reports us and many others to the humane society because our dogs live outside. They are farm dogs dammit- not house trained. In very severe weather the dog goes to the shed or the barn. He had a dog house which he never used- she did not like it- so we had to go to the expense of buying a store bought unit- which he also never uses. Once in a while he gets on TOP of his house and in the summer he uses the old one because it has no floor and he digs a nice cool spot in the dirt. This whacko busy body is a pain in my ass and she is sucking up tax dollars as the dog control officer is paid by the township. The dog control officer loves our dog- and always calls to ask when it is convenient to come out- LMAO! The dog is well loved, has all his shots, and runs the ten acres twice a day. Oh- and he hates the cheap fake bones she tries to give us. Even the chickens won’t eat them. My sister gets suckered in to giving to the Humane Society all the time- wonder how that is going to work out for her when they take her animals away because she lives in an apartment and works full time.

      • Yeah….it’s worrisome if thee laws include livestock…’m all for clean farms but these folks sound nutty….
        I’ll see if links come up….and pass them along….

      • Once in a while he gets on TOP of his house and in the summer

        Is this Snoopy?

        • It is actually quite common to see dogs around here on top of their houses- maybe Schultz spent time in NW PA?

  1. This is ridulous

    Mrs OBama grows a garden and promoted it on Tv for others to do the same for healthy eating

    Drop the fines and allow him to share his passion of gardening and share his food
    So many are stariving, allow him the privledge

    To The squealer and complainer. Find another life. You don’t have anything better to do than cause trouble. Shame on you

    Glad I live in Canada

  2. Looks like the fellow is a succesful farmer on 2 ac. Too bad his neighbors can’t appreciate. They probably got miffed with all the unruly vegetation messing up their view, and their perceived effect on their property taxes. What a shame. Putting God’s green earth to use, and all the county can see is violation of rules. Hope the county people (and the neighbors if they are complainers) are happy with themselves.

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