Who Knew?

Damn- back in the o8 primaries and general election many many Hillary supporters were called “racists”, “bitter clingers”, dried up, old, add any names you were called in the comments, and all for not getting in line and supporting the selectee.

Quite a few Hillary bloggers stood  up to it and shot the bots down.

Imagine how shocked I am then today when I found one of those same blogs that refused to fall in line is now – on their blog- doing the same thing as the bots did in 2008. Now I am a “hater” and an Islamaphobe! Gee whillickers. Because I absolutely DO NOT APPROVE of a victory mosque being built anywhere near Ground Zero!

The writers on said blog are very intelligent and write amazing posts on many subjects- politics, women’s rights, the Oil Spill, the fraud of the 08 election cycle. I watched and read as they painstakingly shot the obots down time after time.  These writers were attacked time after time for not falling in and spouting the party line. I remember reading there for the first time ever- Party Unity My Ass.  WOW! Now I read there that if you object to the mosque you are a hater, an Islamaphobe or spouting right wing talking points! You will be in moderation! Get with the program!

Now where oh where have I heard that “git on board or shut up” shit before? Ah yes- I remember- Obama’s minions. I don’t think they even realize they are guilty of the same thing- wanting group think.

Kind of ironic isn’t it?

Who knew?


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  1. This is a sensitive issue. And if said group who wants to build, including their supporters cannot understand that, that is a real disappointment and a poor reflection on their part. There is often a mistaken belief this is about freedom of expression and so on. It is really about being sensitive to the magnitude of loss of life and insult to the country.

  2. My favorite irony is that the obots call them “raaacist” for not supporting the Jackass but then tag mosque opponents with the same term. Oh, and Tea Party supporters as well.

    And what the hell is the John Birch Society? I only hear about it from Beck opponents.

  3. git on board or shut up

    That is what sheeple abide by. Rationale thinking folks do their job and evaluate carefully before deciding how to proceed.

    • Sheeple is exactly correct I don’t normally do Bible quotes but this seems appropriate- I think it is Isaih
      “We have all gone astray like sheep…..”

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