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Sorry sister- you have no case as far as I am concerned. I am not a huge fan of Disneyland or Disneyworld- but I do know that they have extremely strict appearance standards. It just so happens that we covered their appearance standards in a “Hospitality Law” class away back when I was in college.

Muslim employee: Disney banned her head scarf

ANAHEIM, Calif. – A Muslim woman who works as a hostess at a Disneyland restaurant alleged Wednesday the theme park would not allow her to appear in front of customers while wearing her head scarf.

That is undoubtedly true- and they won’t allow you to do lots of other things either- like have visible tattoos. It’s in the handbook!  Google “Disney Appearance Standards.”

Let’s dig a little deeper in the story shall we?

Disneyland spokeswoman Suzi Brown said Disney has a policy not to discriminate. The resort offered Boudlal a chance to work with the head covering away from customers while Disneyland tries to find a compromise that would allow Boudlal to cover her head in a way that fits with her hostess uniform, Brown said.

“Typically, somebody in an on-stage position like hers wouldn’t wear something like that, that’s not part of the costume,” Brown said. “We were trying to accommodate her with a backstage position that would allow her to work. We gave her a couple of different options and she chose not to take those and to go home.”

Ah- I see- Disney- being the huge giant megacorporation it is- is fully aware of the laws and offered this woman some options- which she refused. Disney is within its rights to control the appearance of its employees. Most hospitality companies spell out what is and is not acceptable appearance. Disney is very very specific- and there is a section on their appearance standards page regarding head coverings. My guess is that she had to sign a form when hired stating that she had received the handbook or standards and understood and agreed to abide by them. So- when offered some options-  why would she refuse I wonder?

Is this perhaps part of the answer?

Boudlal has the support of her union, which has been in a bitter fight for months with Disneyland over an expired contract for hotel workers….

What union? Unite Here Local 11. Why am I not surprised at THIS?

2008 UNITE HERE first Union to endorse Barack Obama.

Trying for some redistribution of wealth is she? And studying for her citizenship exam too! Wow- she is assimilating well- jumping right in to unions and lawsuits!

Good thing she isn’t trying this in France eh?


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  1. she hasn’t got a prayer….wonder who is representing her?

  2. From the link in the comments at DE

    “said Ameena Qazi, an attorney from Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is representing Boudlal”

    Now where have we heard of CAIR lately????

  3. Another “test” of our rights? If I recall, Disneyland used to make employees walk “backstage” when going to and from their job sites so the “guests” would never see an employee off duty.

    • Correct! They have very very strict rules there- everybody is considered to be an actor on stage- and you have to act the role- including the way you dress.

  4. Of course she’s filing a lawsuit and she held a press conference….I wonder if POTUS will weigh in on it….

    • Makes one wonder just how coordinated with the ground zero travesty it all is doesn’t it? Isn’t CAIR involved in both cases?

  5. Too many with a sense of entitlemant to do as they please, with complete disregard for the rules in place long before their arrival. The same ones everyone else must adhere to to keep their jobs. The ones by a PRIVATE company.

    Disney was very accomodating in even offering options.

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