Let The Games Begin

The local Democratic Party guy stopped by yesterday. He wanted to know if I wanted a Dahlkemper sticker and yard sign.


He remembered me as a Hillary supporter and that I was adamantly opposed to the fraud.

Here’s the best part-

He wants me to get involved in the local Dem party because- wait for it-

I am so well informed and my research is outstanding! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Give me a break- I told him what Obama was and they wouldn’t listen. NOW my research is valuable? Not my vote mind you- my research.

Apparently I am making some kind of progress as the idiot agreed with me that Dahlkemper’s vote on the healthcare bill was a slap in the face to her constituents. And he agreed we need term limits. And he thinks Ofraudma coming out FOR the victory mosque is wrong. Oh and I was right- Hillary was the better candidate, the Roolz committee stole delegates and our State got robbed in Denver. Too bad they didn’t listen in 08. But our county went Hillary by huge numbers and then McCain in huge numbers.

I left him with some homework to do on the insurance company bailout bonanza bill.

And NO you can’t put traitor bitch Dahlkemper’s sign in my yard. And NO I am never working for the “New” Democratic party. I will work like crazy to get the OLD Democratic party back. Until then- NO!


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  1. Typical trench politician/party lacky. Agree with whomever you are talking to. Whatever it takes to get that sign up.

    Even if he did agree with one or two of your points, he’s not going to do a thing about it, nor can he if he wanted to, since he has no power and never even met Bawaak or Nancy or any of them. If he did meet them they would have a blank stare and forget him the minute he walked away, if not WHILE he’s standing there.

    Being the local ‘head’ of a party, he’s going to endorse anything with a D after its name, even if its membership in the human race is still out with the jury.

    And he has no intention of doing that homework you gave him.

    • Ah but it was SOOOO satisfying to tell him off- AGAIN! And the dog remembered him too! Very very quiet rumble low in the throat- not his alert bark.
      He will never forget me- guaranteed. Not after the “conversation” we had when he tried to remove my Hillary sign from the yard after Denver. Wish I had video of that encounter.

  2. One more thing. All I can say is the democrats had better pray that the weather is good on election day. It’s a known fact that lousy weather keeps democrats away from the polls. They are comparatively lazy voters except for the diehard party people. The welfare crowd isn’t accustomed to having to go out into the cold if they don’t want to. The working poor see absolutely no connect between themselves and the asshole politicians, and well they shouldn’t. Nobody whose name is on the ballot really cares about them except during election time, and even then, only if it helps their polls.

    One cold rain in the Northeast and they can punt. The Republicans, on the other hand, will go out and vote even if they have to shovel in front of themselves every ten feet to get to the polling place.

    • Chances are it will be snowing here- or rain at the least. Normally it starts snowing here for Hallow’een. And you are right- if it is snowing, raining or otherwise inclement, the Dems will not come out. And something tells me nobody will be handing out those mysterious envelopes with “Barack Obama” written on the back this time. No envelope, no vote methinks.

  3. I suspect a lot of get out the vote will turn into get the hell off my lawn this year.

  4. Ofraudma. My. How appropos.

    More power to you PMM. You know your stuff. Let them beg and plead. Stand your ground.

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