Can We All Say “IDIOTS!”?

Ok- I will say it again. Erectile dysfunction drugs are RECREATIONAL drugs.  Do these people think down the road at all? Will they be objecting when people in California want the insurance companies to pay for “medical marijuana”?


Teachers fight to get back Viagra

Demand drug despite layoffs

So let’s see- the economy is in the shitter, teachers are being laid off and this union wants its Viagra back?

How about you get your little minds out of your pants and start TEACHING  for starters?  And give me a break. Fighting the battle on the basis it discriminates against men. PUHLEEZE! I would like to know if your union (tax payer funded) health benefits cover the HPV vaccine? Birth Control pills? Breast replacement for mastectomy patients?

These people make me sick. That money they are spending could be put to use to save a few teacher’s jobs. Or maybe, just maybe, help the taxpayers avoid another increase in the taxes paid to support public education.

Viagra. PFFFFFTTTT. Not being able to get a woody ain’t gonna kill you. There is more than one way to skin a cat so to speak. Get a grip- you want Viagra- pay for it on your own dime. Freaking unions, rather see the layoffs than give up even a tiny portion of their excessive benefits.


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  1. Priorities.

    More of the entitlement mentality. But not the responsibility of paying for it themselves.

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