Too Little, Too Late Dahlkemper!

So you are returning the campaign contribution you got from corrupt, crotchety old Rangel? Hmph- perhaps you should have thought twice BEFORE taking money from that old codger.

Dahlkemper’s campaign announced it is donating $14,000 — the equivalent of the amount received from Rangel — to local organizations and charities, according to the Erie Times-News. Dahlkemper, a freshman member, is running for re-election in a seat the non-partisan Cook Political Report calls a tossup.

Funny- I saw this on the local news last night and it WAS in the Erie Times- but hey- that “page can no longer be found.” What? In exchange for your boot licking Obama’s thugs taught you how to get the web scrubbed?

Oh and you didn’t want to make a decision on returning Rangel’s dirty money until the Ethics committee issued a decision? The man has been  under suspicion for quite some time- but hey- you got all that interest by holding on to it. Are you returning that interest as well? No? I didn’t think so.

You are in a toss up race? BWAHAHAHA! Perhaps you should have listened to us when we said we DID. NOT. WANT. the Obamacare bill. Too late!

How does it feel to know a car dealer is beating you in the polls? Perhaps you should not have put your faith in that worthless executive order. Perhaps you should have listened to the people who elected you and not that snake oil salesman from Chicago. You serve your own self-interest and not your constituents. You do not deserve re-election.

Too Little, Too Late.


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  1. How does it feel to know a car dealer is beating you in the polls?
    harty har har har har!

  2. They willingly share their poisonous ill-gotten gains. And they go around feigning ignorace and innocence later.

    Birds of the same feather, flock together.

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