Summer Bounty! Updated

Just so you all don’t think I am lazing around! Here is the zucchini relish! I was going to post a pic of the blackberry pie- but hubby got to it before I could take a pic! LOL

Well here is one of the two full baskets I got from the garden and hen house today. Green Beans, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, eggs, basil and yet MORE zucchini!

Let me know when you get sick of seeing the produce!


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  1. You have been a busy one, haven’t you? Those look great. Yum!

    • Thanks! HT gave me the idea- and the recipe uses 10 cups of zucchini- so a good one for ridding myself of the dreaded overflow!
      Thank God those things are slowing down cuz the green beans are coming on.

  2. Did someone mention PIE?

    Zucchini relish looks yummy!

    • I REALLY wanted to post a pic of that pie- but forgot to take the pic before hubby attacked. He is on third shift now- and no way am I staying up until midnight and beyond to do baking!
      Peach pie later this week. Hopefully I will get that pic before the pie monster wakes up!

  3. Mom, I’m salivating here – beautiful! I had some with eggs and sausages this morning, but it was Willy’s, which I’ll lay odds is not as delicious as your. If I lived closer, it wouldn’t only be karen sneaking into your kitchen while you were in the shower!

    • Is it legal for me to ship you a jar?
      It has zucchini, green, red and yellow peppers, onions, celery, and a small banana pepper. Along with the spices, vinegar, sugar.

  4. Mom, I clicked on Reply, and got a message that authentication was required by the server – Anyway, that’s why this is not a reply, but a separate comment.

    Thank you so much for the thought – it is much appreciated, but it would be costly. Guess I’ll have to get off my behind and make some myself. I haven’t preserved for years – too much to do with working full time and raising two kids myself, but now that they are grown, and I took early retirement, I have more than enough time on my hands. Now if I could only quit smoking!

  5. Oops, it just happened on another blog – I think I have a virus, so not to worry.

  6. FYI – not a virus – it’s a word press plug in problem.

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