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I do not normally blog about the Church, my church- but once again- AGAIN! My church has hurt me. Women who wish to be ordained and those who ordain them are now criminals in THE SAME LEAGUE with the PEDOPHILE priests!

Why oh why do I stay in this church? I must be out of my mind. But I KNOW who the first person was to whom Jesus gave the great commission. The first person to whom he appeared after the Resurrection. The one to whom He said- “Go and tell…” (the men were all hiding and quaking in their sandals.)

Apparently, the Church of Rome doesn’t know yet. {sigh}

The Vatican Nightmare: WOMEN PRIESTS! « Another Voice.


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  1. I don’t think that the Church or Vatican was putting women who want to be priests in the same category as pedophile priests.

    From what I read, the Vatican was talking about those Bishops who ordain women against the laws of the Church. That is the Ecclesiastical Schism which they speak of. It’s the separation from the church over doctrinal differences.

    Like it or not, the Bishops must follows the laws of the Church and going against the church and unlawfully “ordaining” women without the express consent of the Pope is a schism. The Pope was in no way comparing any woman to a pedophile priest, but they were comparing the schisms as being totally against the teachings of the Church law.

    I’m not defending or condemning those who want women to be ordained, I’m only trying to say that I think this is being blown out of proportion. Bishops who do not follow Church doctrine should not be Bishops. Women can’t force the change in the law by ignoring it because if that were the case, what else should be “forced” to change? Should we no longer believe that the Eucharist is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus because some don’t believe this? Isn’t it THAT schism which caused the Protestant Reformation?

    I always try to put into perspective what is most important to me. Having a woman priest isn’t on the top of my list to decide whether I stay or leave the Church. It’s the Eucharist…and you won’t get that at any other Church other than a Catholic one. I’m not willing to leave that.

    (Gosh, I hate disagreeing with you! And don’t leave the Church PLEASE!!!!! I hope I wasn’t rude or caused offense in my reply. )

    • You are never rude Nunly. I let the men chase me out of the church for a long time (the priest who heard my first confession, gave me First Holy Communion refused me confession, absolution and Communion when I was facing emergency surgery) (God is funny- he showed up at a church where I was lead cantor many years later- he and his brothers (all priests) for their father’s anniversary Mass- the joke was on them- I was the cantor scheduled for that Mass!)
      It would have been a very very different life for me- but no man will ever again chase me away from God. Their loss-
      And I honestly do believe that yes, the Congregation IS putting the women and the Bishops in the same group. We will just have to disagree on that.
      If Jesus, as the Scripture tells us, chose to appear first after His Resurrection to a woman and to give her, before all the men, the great commission- who is the Church to defy Him? I believe that is part of why there has been such a decline in the number of priests- The Holy Spirit will have her way in the end. It will be too late for me, and for my daughter, but it will come.
      After all- who first presented the Body and Blood of Christ to the world? His MOTHER when she birthed him and then brought Him 8 days later to the Temple to be circumcised.

  2. Well, the one thing that I am happy about is that the convents are beginning to fill up again and that’s a very positive sign. I don’t like to diminish the roles of women in our Church, the nuns are so valuable and they are the glue that keeps it all together. I think too many people think of nuns as subservient to the priests…just ask Nazareth Priest and he’ll tell you otherwise!

  3. Oh, and I forgot to add….I’m so sorry you were treated so shabbily by that priest. I tell ya, I’ve met some real nasty ones along the way…and they say that women are petty! Ha! I’m glad you didn’t let it keep you from the Church. That’s the one good thing about the Catholic Church, there are enough Parish’s around that you can always find one where you will be welcomed.

    I do like the story about the anniversary Mass, though…too funny!

  4. Hi Mom! Enjoy your weekend, kiddo!

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