Freedom Fairy needs our help! It’s not bad enough she is living through the Gulf nightmare- now she has software trouble!  If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying her wonderful graphics go here

Freedom Fairy

or check out the “living header” at Uppity Woman’s

or check out my Patriotic Penguins over there on the left! Or check out my beautiful header!


How much do you love Freedom Fairy’s graphics? How about that living header we have here at UW’s great room? Hours of joy, right?????????

Well, she’s gonna kill me for this, but I’m here to tell you her photo shop is kaput. Gone. Finiti! That means if she is ever to do another graphic for us, she needs to buy a very expensive piece of software.

So if you ever want to see our Living Header again, I implore you to click on freedom fairy’s donation link. A few bucks here, a few bucks there and who knows? Sooner or later, FF will have her photo shop software again!!!

Here’s the link.
Just found out the link does not work- so go directly to Freedom Fairy’s blog and click her donate button!Here is FF’s link for you- the donate button is there – go for it!

Freedom Fairy!

Thanks to Leslie for letting me know the link was not working!


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  1. Hey Mom,
    I clicked on the paypal link and went directly to a page that said “FATAL FLAW”. I did it a couple of times just to make certain it wasn’t a “fat finger” mistake.

    (I’m heading over to ff’s place)

    • I did a copy and paste from the comments at Uppity’s – I will try and get it fixed- thanks for the heads up!

  2. Did she lose her key number to the software? I mean is it a technical issue?

    • Hi 15! I really don’t know- this went up on Uppity’s in the comments- we were asked to re post in our comments so I did a post on it. I believe the whole program went kaput! You might be able to make some guesses from the comments at Freedom Fairy’s blog. I am a techno idiot! Uppity just helped me get my new laptop connected to the net- I couldn’t figure it out myself. LOL Stop by more often! I love your blog!

  3. A VERY Happy Birthday to you, PMM. Albeit a tad early. Did not want to miss out on the best wishes for another successful achievement of living and contributing so richly to our world!

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