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United Farm Workers of America is issuing a challenge to the unemployed (and anybody else who wants a shot.)And the fake news guy Colbert- he who so many college and high school students got their “news” from during the 2008 election cycle- is getting in on the act.

San Francisco – In a tongue-in-cheek call for immigration reform, farm workers are teaming up with comedian Stephen Colbert to challenge unemployed Americans: Come on, take our jobs,

Will Colbert actually get out in the fields or does his commitment to the cause stop short of actual sweat?

The article has a few interesting points to make – such as the fact that thousands of agricultural jobs are being posted with state agencies. Use your imagination on that- and why are we spending a gazillion dollars on summer programs for teenagers when these jobs are available? Sounds like work they could benefit from! Put down the cell phones, I-pods and video games and get to work! Teach them a little work ethic and help them get in shape. Flotus would approve- if it only didn’t take jobs away from her husband’s future voters.

Another interesting point in the article-

Proponents of tougher immigration laws have argued that farmers have become used to cheap labor and don’t want to raise wages enough to draw in other workers.

Well DUH! See all the Monsanto articles at Uppity Woman’s and you will find out who really wants to keep those labor costs down. Oh- and by the way America- quit bitching about the cheap labor unless you want to pay $6.00 a pound for tomatoes!

Then there is this little nugget

Farm workers are excluded from federal overtime provisions, and small farms don’t even have to pay the minimum wage. Fifteen states don’t require farm labor to be covered by workers compensation laws.

You got it- no overtime and no worker’s comp. And this would be because? Oh yes- the farmers big agrabusiness wants cheap labor- and of course- Acorn can register all those illegals and make as many Democrats as they want.

Read this carefully

California’s agriculture industry launched a similar campaign in 1998, hoping to recruit welfare recipients and unemployed workers to work on farms, he said. Three people showed up.

“Give us a legal, qualified work force. Right now, farmers don’t know from day to day if they’re going to get hammered by ICE,” he said, referring to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “What happens to my labor pool?”

His organization supports AgJobs, a bill currently in the Senate which would allow those who have worked in U.S. agriculture for at least 150 days in the previous two years to get legal status.

UHM- excuse me? Welfare recipients were not REQUIRED to show up? What is wrong with that picture? But I can guess that they were not required because the jobs do not meet minimum employment standards for American workers. And that rumor we have been hearing about barfy the talking puppet potus making them all legal by executive order?

Probably not going to happen. Monsanto would have fits! Why – if all those illegal aliens all of a sudden became Americans overnight- they would want what American’s take for granted. Safe working conditions and reasonable wages. Can’t have that now can we?

So here is what I think- teenagers running riot and wreaking havoc on their neighborhoods? Make them fruit pickers for the summer. Welfare recipients that want benefits with no work? Put them in the fields and let them pick.

Hey- we have strawberry and blueberry growers and hay makers right here in NW PA- and guess what? Most of the workers are teenagers- saving up for college. Teens not afraid to work hard and break a sweat. Teens who don’t whine about benefits and breaks. Gee- what a concept!

If people want to become Americans- let them get the hell in line- and put our people to work! There would be a lot fewer crimes in the inner city if the slack a days were put to work.

Oh- and I want to see Colbert do some actual work- along with all those lazy self important assholes in DC!

I just saw this article about the most expensive cities in the world- I want you all to take a look at the cost of rice and eggs in those cities. And prepare yourselves.

The World’s Most Expensive Cities 2010

Go ahead! I double dog dare you! How about $7.64 for one dozen eggs? Or $9.14 for a kilo (2.2 pounds) of rice?

Now do you really think we are ever getting rid of our illegal immigrant problem? Only if we are willing to pay premium prices for our groceries.


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  1. That’s a nice idea to have teens working the farms, but those who live in the city or suburbs don’t always have access to transportation and if it is out of state, who’s going to put them up and feed them? There are no farms around us that a commercial farms, so we’re pretty much out of luck in the city and suburbs.

    • Hiya Nunly! Well we could take some of the money being wasted on “summer recreational” programs for our inner city youth- or maybe take some of ACORN-by-a-new-name’s funding and ship those gang punks right out of them there cities! Take away their cell phones, i-pods, ear buds. video games- etc etc etc and ship em out to the farms! Monsanto thanks us! Flotus is happy cuz kids are exercising!
      Tents! Put them in tents and call it summer camp! Then we can definitely use the summer recreation funds! Growing food is learning survival skills!
      The more I think about it the better I like it!
      Oh- and chain gangs! We can definitely use prison labor!
      My point is that we HAVE available labor in this country- they just need to be MADE to work. There is a huge problem in this country with people (noticeably one or two in the White House) who think work- actual break a sweat labor- is beneath them. Which is why we have illegals and why they know nobody is going to take them up on the challenge. SAD! (And no- I don’t think an unemployed office manager or chemist or something should be made to take work that pays so much less that their normal wage. I do think that social parasites should be made to contribute to their own upkeep.And plenty of inner city and suburban youth would benefit from a summer of this kind of work. They wouldn’t waste so much food when they got home.)

  2. PMM: Oh- and by the way America- quit bitching about the cheap labor unless you want to pay $6.00 a pound for tomatoes!
    Americans, many of them, are definitely a conundrum. Want high pay for themselves but won’t buy anything unless it’s a bargain. And, I’m glad you called them on it.
    Very good post.

    • Thanks Pamela! We are something else aren’t we? We want food- but we don’t want to pay for it. Think of all the work that goes in to a home garden- how many hours of weeding and tilling and planting and weeding and bug control etc etc etc. Then ask an American what they think their labor would be worth for that?
      Then try explaining to them that we pay rock bottom prices for our food which is contaminated by chemicals and picked by exploited ACORN voters and they look at you like you are crazy.

      • Geez, PMM; was just going to submit a reply, but in one sentence I used the word ‘gripe’ 3 times. Gonna quit while I’m ahead.

        • Griping is allowed! Anything that keeps the fire burning for November!

  3. Oh- and I want to see Colbert do some actual work- along with all those lazy self important assholes in DC!

    That will be the day when you see any television personality dirty their hands with real work. They just like to pose for the camera’s while they work the phone banks, taking calls so other people could donate money. They only stay on the phones for about an hour, just long enough to make sure everyone sees how much they care.

  4. PMM: Anything that keeps the fire burning for November!
    great point to keep in mind. I just noticed another category of youth which should be sent to one of those farms:
    Teen mob idles subway stations
    Philadelphia – Officials say a mob of several hundred young people forced the brief shutdown of two subway stations.
    It started at Love Park in downtown Philly shortly after 7 pm Friday. Many of the teens moved up Broad Street, where they inundated the Spring Garden subway station.
    The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority says it closed the Spring Garden and Fairmount subway stations for about 20 mintes. (AP)
    I found it in today’s Times-Tribune, Scranton which, by the way, has a full-page ad several pages before this article stating that it is the #1 read newspaper in the #1 newspaper readership market in the entire nation. Who knew?

    • Yup- some good old fashioned farm work would fix what ails these brats!
      Remember it seems only a short while ago when it was very common for city kids to be sent to Grandma’s (or Auntie or Uncle) for the summer? Got them out of the city, into the fresh air. They learned where their food came from and how it was grown. Time was allowed for getting to know your cousins and swimming fishing climbing trees etc- but WORK was expected- from the youngest to the oldest.
      Yup- some good hard labor would suit these ne’er do wells just fine! (And I guarantee that once they work for their food and taste REAL food- they won’t waste so much when they get home!)

  5. I LOVE your ferret!!

  6. I just played with Miss Marple!

  7. Isn’t she cute? She follows the cursor and you can feed her eggs!
    Now if I can just get her to keep watch in the garden and kill the rabbit!

  8. You hit an interesting note, PMM. Most everyone unemployed, claims they want a job. But it it won’t be any job. They are selective about what they will take. Funny though, the bills must not be piling on high enough to make them race out and take a job for the sake of making a living and paying debt. Like the rest of working America. A job is a job. An ego and a sense of entitlement, well, that is another thing.

  9. One of the problems I’m seeing in our area is that anyone who is out of work and applying for a new job won’t even be considered if the resume shows they have a college degree, especially a masters or phd because they know that if they get into an entry level job they will only stay until they find something better.

    There just are not any jobs for teens in our area. Period. My son applied at every store, restaurant and other places that would hire teens…nothing. His problem was that being in college, he couldn’t return before the jobs were already snatched up. Even though he had been putting in applications during his Christmas and Spring break, just showing the time he would be able to work was enough to disqualify him. Why wait for him to be able to start if they can get a high school kid who is already living here and able to work week-ends before the summer season?

    Would I be willing to pay higher prices for food if costs went up due to paying minimum wage for all workers? I guess I would have no choice and therefore would find a way to do it. I doubt if the stores would keep their prices so high that it would deter customers from buying…it would be the corporations that would take the hit. They don’t care what the customers pay, as long as their bottom line is profitable.

    So, maybe the question should be posed to the corporations…”Would you be willing to charge a lower price, regardless if it hurt your bottom line? I know the answer…”No.” Which is why there will always be illegal aliens working the farm fields. The farmers also don’t want to deal with giving the workers the break time required by law…they prefer the slave labor.

    I don’t think it’s the laziness of American people who are responsible for the continued use of illegal aliens to do the dirty jobs, it’s the greed of the corporations who sell the product that are at fault.

    • Nunly your comments are always spot on. I have known many a restaurant using illegals- and strangely enough- paying premium wages for them. The Mexicans – So help me- just work harder and cleaner. One restaurant I worked for paid a Mexican baker $13 an hour- because he could produce all the day’s product and then go help in other departments. He brought many of his “family” who also made way above average wage- because they did the work. They were eventually turned in by the legal Americans- none of whom could produce like the illegals. And none of whom got what they thought they would get – premium wages for shoddy performance. My daughter had a hard time finding summer work as a teen- lots of the same issues- school starting before the Labor Day holiday was a big problem- the seasonal businesses want someone who will at least get them past the last summer holiday. Good thing we had friends with barns where she could work- and one summer she stayed in Pittsburgh and got a job there. Kept it until Columbus Day. Youth! Wasted on the young!

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