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Used to be that is your kid was stationed here in the States you pretty much didn’t worry. Well, you worried, but about the same things you worry for all your kids. You sure did not worry about them being shot or blown up on their base right here in the USA!

Then we have the Ft. Hood massacre perpetrated by an islamofascist terrorist trained and employed BY THE ARMY!!!! WTF! Lots of warning signs- but hey- there’s a shortage in that MOS so just ignore it. (Said islamofascist paralyzed asshole has still not been court-martialed and shot and is alive and sucking up your tax dollars and mine with his medical and legal bills. And the government seems to be a bunch of idiots because the jerk is in a public jail instead of a military facility.)

So then a few days ago I see on the news that two idiots, bastards tried to enter MacDill in Fl.

Tampa, Florida — Guns and ammunition have been removed from an SUV that was stopped just inside the Bayshore Gate at MacDill Air Force Base Monday night.

Then I am cruising the news this morning and I see there is apparently a plague of these assholes loose in this country.

FORT GORDON, Ga. – The FBI was investigating after a civilian was arrested with explosives in his vehicle on an Army base in Georgia that is headquarters to the service’s global communication and information systems, authorities said Wednesday.


Military authorities were not treating the case as a terrorist threat, said Buz Yarnell, a spokesman for Fort Gordon near Augusta.

The arrest Tuesday came a day after an AWOL serviceman was arrested in Florida for trying to enter an Air Force base there with fake ID and weapons, although authorities did not link the two and the Florida case was also deemed not terrorism.

Um- you see that part that I put in bold? Well take a look at this re MacDill.

The base is home to U.S. Central Command, which runs the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And Fort Hood units have played a major role in the wars currently in progress.  They are trying to wreak major havoc in the command and control structures I think. Not terrorism? Only in Barackastan.

These terrorist  assholes are REALLY starting to piss me off.  If you do not love our country- then please don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.(And that includes YOU Barack!)

Just remember- it is the soldiers (including members of my immediate family) that fight for your freedom to believe as you will and say what you think. Try giving free rein to your freedom of speech in one of the enemy Islamic states and see how far you get. Due process in those barbarian countries consists of asking which ear you want the bullet in.

Oh and maybe just maybe our government will wise up really soon and remember that the oath is to protect from ALL enemies- foreign and DOMESTIC! I hope some of these worms start running into some troops that take the oath literally and  save us some tax dollars.

God Bless America. Our Lady, Queen of the Americas, protect our troops!


Man seized at Army post had land mine, laser scope

Anthony Todd Saxon, 34, was charged with impersonating an Army master sergeant and stealing the infrared laser targeting sight after he was caught on the east Georgia base with a land mine, several grenades and night vision devices, prosecutors said.

{snip} Here’s the kicker- are you ready?

“Anybody can get on Fort Gordon with a driver’s license,” Yarnell said. “It’s open to the public, basically.”

Can we get some security here please? For crying out loud! It’s a military base- not a public park!


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  1. Fascinating they came bearing gifts to the bases. NOT!!! Anyone running around with land mines, laser scaopes, explosives, and the like, certainly appears to have harmful motives. Sorry, but that is plainly unacceptable, and just reeks of enemy to the homeland.

  2. The idiots in the administration can call it whatever they want…..but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a f*cking duck!

    As for getting into Ft. Gordon, I’d have to look at a map to see. There are some bases that highways run through and you enter and exit the base basically just showing your license. But there are additional gates if somebody was going to try and actually enter the base compounds.

    Highway 98 in the panhandle of Florida cuts through two bases, Tindall and Hurlbert or something like that. Also, in North Carolina there is a highway that cuts through Camp LeJune I believe either that or Cherry Point. I’m sure there are others but those are the ones that come immediately to my mind.

    • I worked in Augusta one summer recently- Fort Gordon has many public activities.
      Sorry- I DO NOT agree- with letting any civilian on any post just by showing ID. Lots of AF Bases have air shows that the public can get into as well.
      My sister was stationed in Germany years ago- they employed civilian natives- and sure enough- one of the bastards loaded up a VW with explosives and blew it up ON THE BASE!
      The government then decided to install these spike things at the gates- to blow out tires on vehicles when raised. Also big concrete barriers that can be raised at the push of a button. Also barriers around the buildings so one could no longer park directly in front.
      Excuse me- but that is closing the barn door after the horse has gone- and does not solve the problem of non-military being on the base.

  3. And the LameStream media still has not gotten over the Times Square Bomber Dud.
    Then there was the bit about the 17 AWOL muslims or whatever. I read about it once, then found out it was really old news. Read far enough to determine that Ft. Hood was not their base and said Thank God for that.

    It just boggles the mind: all the water carried for Obama. He has no visible means of propelling himself forward; just depends on others knocking down any unlucky enough to be in his way.Unfortunately there are plenty of those Rock-Em Sock-Em Robot types willing to work for his cause – whatever it is.

    Washington. Honorable stewards of the Republic? No way.
    Washington. Honorable stewards of the planet? No way.

  4. To further your points, Mom, this is dated today, June 21:
    NJ naval base where Hindenberg exploded in 1937 is locked down; spokesman won’t say why

    LAKEHURST, N.J. (AP) — Officials have locked down a navy base in Lakehurst, N.J. Senior Airman David Carbajal (CAR’-bah-hall), a spokesman, says there were several “incidents” Monday that he is not yet able to provide more information about. Carbajal says no shots were fired.
    The lockdown means traffic can’t get in or out of the base.
    The base is perhaps best know as the spot where the airship Hindenberg exploded in 1937. Now known as the Naval Air Engineering Center, one of its main missions relates to the equipment used to launch aircraft from carriers at sea.

    • Thanks for the heads up- we may never know what prompted this shut down.
      Naval Engineering- wonder if they have any ideas for the Gulf?

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