Is Nothing Sacred anymore?

Imagine this- as the mother of an active duty military member and his active duty wife- this is something I have imagined on more than one occasion- can you see the pain? Can you imagine???

Then, if you can, imagine the horror every parent of every soldier felt on hearing this-

Chaos at Arlington Cemetery: Mismarked graves, dumping of urns

Army investigators at Arlington National Cemetery have found more than 100 unmarked graves, scores of grave sites with headstones that are not recorded on cemetery maps, and at least four burial urns that had been unearthed and dumped in an area where excess grave dirt is kept.

The investigators found that these and other blunders were the result of a “dysfunctional” and chaotic management system at the cemetery, which was poisoned by bitterness among top supervisors and hobbled by antiquated record-keeping.

I am weeping as I type this- for the fallen and their families and for our country that has become so callous that a “dysfunctional management system” has caused so much distress to families who have given their all.

On behalf of my country I apologize to those families. Nothing can replace your loved ones and I, for one, appreciate your sacrifice. No words of mine can erase the horror you are going through, but perhaps you will feel some comfort knowing that this proud military mom is praying for you and yours. God Bless You and thank you!

I just got this link from mcnorman- and i truly hope there is a special HELL for the assholes that cause this kind of pain for military families. Everlasting fire just is not punishment enough.

Father Driven To Pick Through His Son’s Remains (Just imagine the horror)

You absolutely MUST go and read what the officials at Arlington do to our  fallen hero’s families.

A special hell- just for those who disrespect our troops and their families. May God DAMN them to eternal hell.


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  1. Mom – thank you. When I heard about this, sadly, it did not surprise me. There have been so many body-blows in the past three years, to add another of this magnitude is just on par.

    I watched the first video. When I scrolled down and saw the second was Taps, I couldn’t watch, as just reading the title made me tear up.

    Thank you.


    • ff- just unbelievable! We live in fear and pride every day our kids are in the service. Used to be when they were Stateside we felt ok- not since Ft Hood. Now this? It’s not enough that these families gave their ultimate- now they are wondering if their loved ones are actually in the graves?
      There is no honor, nothing is sacred. I hope the bastards responsible for this run into some Marines.

  2. This is a national disgrace PMM. It doesn’t surprise me. Locally, our soldiers were being buried with taps played on a cassette player. Disgraceful.
    Finally, the school district allowed students in band to play as part of their class grade.

    • I’m disgusted by what they have done. These are government filled positions, wtf are they doing? Playing warcraft?

      • Infuriating- that jealousy and rancor should lead to this.
        The guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns go through rigorous training and vie for that honor. The assholes in charge need to take some lessons from those troops!

    • Good for the school When my daughter was in high school and in the three choruses- it was the greatest honor to be selected to sing the National Anthem at the sports games. But then I live out here with the bitter hicks- clinging to our patriotism.

  3. Sloppiness and laziness begets just these kind of problems like Arlington is having now.

    No honor. No integrity. No pride. The employees and those in charge simply have none of those qualities in their jobs, nor the respect for the thousands buried there, and their families.

  4. Mom, I can’t even imagine how you feel about this, knowing your children serve for this country. This is just plain despicable.

    • The sickening thing is that duty at Arlington is SACRED! Do these assholes not get it?
      And they would be the first to run and hide should we be attacked- cringing in some hole while our troops do what needs to be done.
      A pox on every asshole that dares defile human remains!

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