Erie Pa has ties to G#^ D*&& America Pastor Wright

I thought the people of NW PA knew better! Erie, PA should be ASHAMED to have any ties to that America hating loon! For shame Erie! If you don’t put a stop to this now- you will be seeing thugs at the polling places in the next Presidential election- just like they had in Philadelphia in 2008.

Wake up to what is going on in your community! The good citizens of Erie PA should not have to have the good name of their city besmirched by ties to Rev. Wright.

Rev. Wright: ‘Obama Threw Me Under the Bus’ – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum –

The letter was sent Feb. 18 to Joseph Prischak, the president of Africa 6000 International in Erie, Pa. Wright subsequently agreed to write a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on the group’s behalf to try to get access to millions of dollars.

For shame, for shame-


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  1. Bahahahhaha, I could swear these people are auditioning for SNL. You can’t make this stuff up PMM.

  2. “f you don’t put a stop to this now- you will be seeing thugs at the polling places in the next Presidential election- just like they had in Philadelphia in 2008.”

    They had them here in NYC too. Standing right outside the polls on the Upper West Side.

  3. Big gigantic PINK signs at all our polling places telling the law about intimidating, threatening or harassing voters!
    Score one for our side!
    Thugs- you have been warned!

  4. PMM
    So glad you’re out and about on this day!

  5. Re Specter: Mission Accomplished

  6. Hi PMM!

    I tell ya, nothing could have made me happier than to see Specter get his hat handed to him in yesterday’s election.

    Regarding the not-so-reverend Wright, that man is a loon…a dangerous one at that. The only difference between Obama and Wright is that Obama doesn’t say what Wright says out loud.

    Hope you’re feeling better, PMM! My prayers and thoughts are always with you!

    • NUNLY!!!!!! We have missed you around the net!
      Saw the surgeon today- and I have to go have another MRI done- this time with the injection of gadolinium- or risk losing my benefits.
      Wonderful- go get injected with radioactive metal- nice medicine we have isn’t it? All because I have had no improvement since the surgery and actually feel like I am regressing-
      Isn’t life grand?
      Still not smoking!

  7. Congrats, PMM!

    You did it! Keep the momentum thru November 2012

    • Oh Anthony- the fun has only begun! Last night was like the opening stanzas of a great symphony!
      Music to my ears! And this is only the first movement!

  8. Because of the kitties, I was going to put this at Uppity’s, but she’s got several strong threads going another way. And this message fits very well here!

    Kitties Singing Joy-Joy-Joy!
    http://www dot

  9. I would be willing to bet that after Obama is kicked out of office in 2012, he goes right back to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the rest of his race-baiting, terrorist friends.

  10. Congratulations to the folks in PA for having the sound mind to dispense with a politico more interested in retaining his job, than in representing his constituency. A Benedict Arnold of sorts.

    As far as Wright is concerned, he knew full well that his buddy would castigate him under the wheels of the political machine at the whim. He supported him. Now he’s pouting? The man retired well off his ministerial duties. He should stay out of the limelight, lest his reputation be further tarnished.

  11. Happy to see PMM is getting about a little more these days. 🙂

  12. PMM, l just had to leave this here:

    Freshmen Run Away From Obama
    The House Democratic freshmen who rose to power riding candidate Barack Obama ’s coattails in 2008 are now eager to strut their independence heading into the midterms. Some rookies opposed Obama’s cap-and-trade climate change bill; others rejected his health care plan. But even those members who backed all of the president’s signature initiatives are ready to show that they can win their first re-election bids without leaning on Obama’s star power. “You have to be an independent, no matter what,” Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper said. The Pennsylvania Democrat pointed to her vote against the climate change bill, which she said is an economic loser for southwest Pennsylvania, and her fight for abortion funding restrictions in the health care bill as evidence of her independence. Dahlkemper said that while she would be “very happy to welcome” Obama to her district, she didn’t know how much of a help or a hindrance he would be. “I just think we don’t quite know yet where his popularity is,” she said. “The best thing I can do is get out and shake hands and look people in the eye. They want to see me and they want to know what I’m doing. … I’m much less concerned about who’s going to come in and campaign for me.”

  13. HI PMM! Just had to stop over while I had a few minutes to see how you were doing.

    I love that article that Pamela linked to. This is exactly what we need, politicians who actually care enough to listen to their constituents and take the time to “shake their hands and look them in the eye.”

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, PMM. 🙂

  14. PMM – saw your request for this video at Uppity’s. Did not want to break the thread. Obama at Kalamazoo HS; kid falling asleep.

  15. How the heck are ya, PMM! Good seeing you mosey about.

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