Oil Spill clean up method courtesy a citizen! (Update!) X2

STOP DICKING AROUND YOU ASSHOLES! BP is stumped I guess- so NOW they are asking for ideas? WTF do they think all those e-mails are? Thank you notes!?!?!?!?

….. Because the situation is unprecedented, BP is considering all possibilities, which includes soliciting ideas from the public. So far BP has received “literally thousands” of ideas from outside the company, Wells reported.

“We take all of them … we appreciate what we’re getting externally,” he said.

By the way- the quote is at the very end of the article-

So- here is the page where you can go- be prepared- they want your life history- of course- make it up if you have to- but let’s all send them a link to the hay and hair ideas! BAHSTAHDS!

I just sent them an e-mail- I used concerned American as my name, and Pittsburgh as the city.  I sent links to both the hay and the Matter of Trust videos.

You guys with me?

I put something in at the end that intrigued and angered me.

I just caught this article and the accompanying video- if this is for real- we need to make a whole lot of noise and spread this around! The only bad part I can see about this is that hay in the South is ridiculously expensive and using massive amounts of hay will impact the cost for those who have livestock to feed. It is however early enough in the season all over the country that we can get plenty more hay cuttings in before the winter.

First the video

Gee- environmentally friendly, relatively low cost, certainly low technology. Can be implemented very quickly. What is not to like? Oh- yeah- some big corporation or government lackey didn’t think it up and won’t get a gazillion tax dollars out of it.
Hell- we have thousands upon thousands of round bales that sat in the fields over the winter up here. Let’s pay the farmers and get it in the water! Spread this story around folks!

I originally saw it here

Hay is for … cleaning up oil spills?

As for BP, Carpenter said he was invited to do a demo for high-level BP executives on Wednesday, but he has yet to hear back from the beleaguered oil giant about plans to move forward using his cleanup idea.

“We feel we can go out now in the Louisiana waters and get it all up before it hits the marshes,” Carpenter told me. “We’ve got boats ready to go. We’re just waiting on the go-ahead from BP and the Coast Guard. I’m hoping they at least let us try it out to see if it’ll work.”

Figures- if we don’t put some pressure on- it won’t happen! Spread the word!

Jere is the update. Check out this you-tube video. The man who figured out the hair thing was cutting hair while watching news coverage of—– the EXXON VALDEZ! This has been around THAT long! And BP is busy pouring more chemicals called dispersants into the oil. Great- toxin on toxin. These corporations are really pissing me off!

McNorman has the A Matter of Trust story covered. Go here to get all the info on how to collect and donate hair and fur or better yet- start a collection drive in your town!


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  1. Holy cow that worked pretty doggone good. I will do my part to pass this along! I really hope somebody with BP or in the WH will consider this. They could at least try it in an area, what do they have to lose??

  2. Somebody- I agree- at least let’s TRY IT!

    As to what do they have to lose? Well if some politically connected ass didn’t think it up……. you know what I mean!

  3. PMM I posted another link on UW and I posted at No Quarter, how about at RBO or some of the other blogs??

    I also sent an email out to just about everybody in my contact list. How else can we get the word out?? Ooooh I think maybe I’m going to post something on the websites of my local news stations!!! Eureka!!

    • You are outstanding! Thanks- and get a load of this! BP is spraying more – of course- chenicals on the spill- yay! let’s throw some more toxic shit in the water!
      BP sprays more chemicals into main Gulf oil leak

      Just great! The EPA has no clue what the environmental danger is- but – oh just go ahead anyway. Wonder who the chemical manufacturer is? Some big donor to both parties I bet!

  4. It appears to be a lot more promising than what they are going to do:

    Associated Press
    Helicopters are expected to drop sandbags in Louisiana to guard against thick blobs of crude that began washing up on beaches.

  5. I am sending this to the Senators-and to Dahlkemper too- not like they will shit without approval from the DNC.

  6. How sad is this oil spill? if it gets caught in the gulf stream, then it won’t be just the U.S. and Mexico, it will be the fishing industry of every country on the Atlantic…

  7. I can’t watch the vid so I don’t know if they mentioned it but the hay could then be recycled as fuel oil for home heating.

    • DE? Is there an issue with the video?
      The guys in the video did mention recycling the hay after use. So- good idea all around!
      Let me know if there is an issue with the way I loaded the video- you can go to the article and see the vidoe directly there too.

  8. Holyyyyyyyyyy shit!

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  10. God Bless Uppity! She has it cross-posted – and her title is MUCH catchier!

  11. Uppity & ProudMilitaryMom – just sent email to several talking heads over at Fox News & included two links to above YouTube vids – told them if maybe they did some nationwide exposure – the weasels in Washington & BP execs might actually use these methods – said I didn’t have any hay but would shave my head & donate hair if necessary – hair will grow back……………………………………

    Thanks for info…..

    • I love the whole Uppity Woman crew! Always active and always caring!

    • Wow, Susie. I saw your comment @ NQ…came running in…as I watched the video I was thinking, wow, what if we all shaved our heads as a Matter of Trust.

      PMMom, this is a beautiful thing. I will pass it along to everyone. Thanks so much. Loved hanging out with everyone last night.

      We’re being punkd, as usual. There is hair to be had everywhere! And all it costs is shipping. wow.

      Recycle. now.

  12. Excellent! Thanks for bringing it up for attention!

  13. They’ll never do it. Somebody’s BIL in the chemical business is getting rich. We can’t be diverting that money to people like farmers and cosmetologists. They’re not on the list of approved players. How could you even suggest such a thing???

    Makes me want to cry.

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  15. Chicken feathers soak up more than all of them and nothing eats them or uses them for anything really necessary. And any chicken processing plant can supply tons of them. There are chicken houses and processing plants all over rural America, including the Gulf states. You spread them on the slick, let them soak up oil and scoop them out with a big net/seine afterward. Then you can either figure out a way to process the oil out of them, or bury them in a landfill as a future oil source. When the feathers biodegrade, the oil will remain. At the rate this spill is leaking, you might end up with a small usable oil pool in the landfill.

    • Another very good idea! Check out the A Matter of Trust website to see what they are doing with hair and fur!

      • Could you please pass on my ideas to the appropriate people? I am currently going through treatment for breast cancer, having had a double mastectomy(as an outpatient procedure, hehe), and starting chemo today, I am not on the web as much as usual and tire very easily. So if you could pass on the info to the people who can do something with it, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!!

        • FLDemFem- So sorry to hear of your health troubles. I will definitely pass along your ideas! The round bales we have up here are just sitting there. Would be nice if they were put to some use instead of being allowed to just decompose. your straw idea is great.

          I am hoping that you are not serious when you say your double mastectomy was outpatient!
          Putting you on my prayer list too!

  16. P.S. Straw absorbs more than hay, I know this from experience as a horseman who has seen more pee deposited on both straw and hay than I care to mention. Straw is also not a feed stuff, it is used for bedding and stuffing things. Easy to work around a shortage. Pine shavings can be substituted for bedding and other things can be substituted for whatever straw is used to stuff.

    • Good thoughts FLDemFem- Though my horse is boarded out because of my back- I too know the benefits of straw. I also know the ridiculous price folks pay for hay down South. I spent some time working in Ft. Pierce, FL and up around Augusta, GA a few years back. What is up with that $7.00 a bale? Price for hay up here for square bales ranges 2.25 to 4. a bale. And trust me- we have tons of round bales just sitting in the fields. Now straw up here is expensive- the garden shops get $5 to $7 a bale for it. (It is not at all uncommon to get three cuttings of hay in a season up here in NW PA- my lawn grows so fast I want a herd of sheep!) Not 1/4 mile from here there is a field with perhaps 300 round bales sitting on the perimeter of the fields- and it will continue to sit there until it rots back into the ground.
      I do see what you are saying- we don’t want to create a situation similar to what happened to the price of corn when they started using it for ethanol!

  17. Keep on truckin’, PMM.

  18. Most likely if we used a combination of these approaches it wouldn’t cause a shortage of anything. There should be an abundance of hair, LOL!

    I do have an idea of how we could deal with the hay issue though. The federal government pays farmers NOT to grow certain crops in certain areas and quite often those fields sit idle. Well not this year, start growing hay in them!

    Honestly come on if there is one thing this country can do well it is grow things. We are the bread basket of the world, we have an abundance of fertile land. We can deal with growing some more hay.

    • I think the CRP program is what you are talking about, where farmers take productive fields out of production and plant grass on them for a period of 10 years (contracts vary). Grazing and haying is not allowed, except in extreme conditions like drought. If they were serious about this idea, they should allow farmers to swath and bale the CRP and only use those bales of hay for this program. Pay them the county average for swathing and baling, and truck the bales down to the gulf. They wouldn’t need to pay for the actual bales because technically the government owns the rights to those bales because of being in the CRP program.

      This is grass that cannot be used for cattle (or any other animal) feed. It has to sit idle for the entire length of the contract, except for special circumstances. So, this won’t impact the food supply.

      Another possibility is wheat straw. Wheat harvest is fast approaching, and many farmers chop the straw up in their combines while harvesting, leaving it on the ground. If they were paid enough to make it worth their while, they would bale it instead and sell it to the federal government. Again, this wouldn’t impact the food supply because right now it is considered waste.

      Logistics would be the problem, but there are already FSA (farm service agencies) in every county. They would need to administer a program like this, signing contracts with farmers so they could get exemptions and contracts for swathing and baling the hay so the farmers could get paid. They would also need to contract trucks to get the hay down to Louisiana.

      I have a neighbor that has a hay grinder that can spit out one ground up 2000 lb hay bale in a minute. It can grind it up faster than you can fill its hopper, and it spits it out onto a conveyor belt to pile up. Put those hay grinders (the one I know about is mounted on a trailer pulled by an 18-wheeler and run by an independant diesel engine) on ships with a huge pile of bales and some tractors with loaders on them, head out to the ocean and just spit the hay off the side. Or set them up on shore and fill the boats with hay…that might be the better way to do it.

      • Not sure what the CRP program is- will have to look it up. I DO KNOW that there are THOUSANDS of round bales sitting in the fields around here left over from last year- and they are already baling this year’s first cutting.
        Seriously- I mean honest to God- THOUSANDS of round bales- just left in the fields.
        It makes me sick that the oil is now in the marshes. For crying out loud- forget waiting on permission from the government or the EPA or whatever other damn regulatory agency is in charge of ensuring no action is ever taken until it is too late.
        JUST DO IT!
        The oceans and all that is in it belong to the people! The govt and BP need to get the hell out of the way!

  19. Up here in Canada, North of Edmonton Alberta, theres thousands of acres of standing burnt pine timber, left over from a forest fire years ago, My suggestion , cut it down , rail it down there, create log booms in Gulf and let the logs collect the oil ,like a huge aborbant mop, log sits low in the water, easy clean up and recyclable,
    Put a underground isulated highvoltage cable down to pipe put 10-15 raps on the pipe ,charge it up and start feeding metalic polymers till its pluged, just an idea

  20. in future when drilling why don t they put a small pipe on inside wall of casing pipe so in case of an emergency they would have direct injection method to solidify the oil in casing or create a multi stage gas vapor look in the casing or a direct way of injecting salt water to neutralize gas pressure in reserve
    already sent a copy to myself in mail if you like idea

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