He Is Risen!

Just a quick posting today- to wish all of my blogging friends a Blessed and Glorious Easter!

God is great indeed and has answered our prayers- my son made it safely back to his wife and children from his deployment! Praise God! (He was on deployment in the Philippines on a joint task force. The MSM will not tell us but the Philippines is a hot bed of jihadist activity.)

My back surgery is scheduled for 11:45 tomorrow morning- so I would appreciate any spare prayers! I will check in as soon as I can to let you all know how it goes!

It was a joyous Easter celebration! I have a leg of lamb to cook yet- so peace to you all!


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  1. What better news than this? Congratulations on your son’s safe return.
    I’ll re-acquaint myself with the “Big Guy” upstairs tomorrow during your surgery. Good luck.

    Wishing you and yours all the best on Easter



  2. Once again, blessed wishes for this Easter and thereafter.

    Thank goodness your son has fared well.

    Good luck with your procedure. Betcha it will go great! And your results will be spectacular (will manifest with time as the recovery proceeds). Hang in there. The blog pals are sending well wishes directly to you, and especially to God so that his miracles work through the surgeon’s hands. xoxoxo

  3. I’m so happy your son is back from his deployment, safe and sound! What a relief for you. Now you need time to rest and recover after your surgery.

    I’m sure everything will go well tomorrow and don’t forget …milk it for as long as you can, that’s what I’d do. 😉

  4. Wonderful news about your son, PMM.
    Wonderful video.
    May the ‘wonderfuls’ in your life continue well past your back surgery today.

  5. Just stopped by to let you know I was thinking about you. Great news about your son.

    I hope everything goes well today and you are back to your normal self sans the back pain quickly……unless of course you want to milk it a little longer!

  6. I am so happy to hear that all is well in your home. You will be in our prayers all week.

  7. I just stopped by to let you know that I have had you in my thoughts all day. In fact when I awoke this morning, you were the first person I thought about.

    I left you a brief message on Nunly’s blog last night. Today, my thoughts are still with you.

    And what Nunly said (about milking it for all it’s worth!)

  8. Just stopped by to check on you. I hope everything went well today and you are resting comfortably.

  9. You did a great job, PMM!

    Now take your time and recover well. We are all rootin’ for ya.

  10. Thinking of your and praying for a quick recovery. Hope all is well!

  11. Checking on you again…tucking in your blankets, making sure you have fresh water…pain pills at hand….fluffing up you pillow. Everything ok now? Good. I’ll be back later. 😉

  12. Thinking of you PMM. Isn’t Nunly is taking excellent care of you!!!

  13. Wihing you well, PMM. Slow, but easy goes it.

  14. Hi, PMM. Hope you slept well.

  15. Another check up on you, PMM. Are you being properly spoiled and pampered? If not, point out to your family the written instructions by your doctor that you are to receive anything you ask, except for cigarettes. If I were you, I would ask for a giant sized hot fudge sundae with nuts and a cherry on top….no, three cherries on top.

  16. Just stopping by to check on you and let you know I was thinking about you.

    I hope you are resting comfortably and recovering.

  17. Steady Eddy now.

  18. Happy belated Easter and I hope your surgery went well.

  19. Dropping in to say “Hello” and hope you’re doing will.

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Take care, be well, and get back soon, We need you, Mom!

  20. A vase of virtual roses for you today!

  21. Said a prayer for you in the Adoration Chapel this morning…could ya feel the healing and love? Get well soon!

  22. I left a note over at UWs- seemed the easiest place to check in with everybody. I am still very sore- walking very slowly but walking- and not doing anything else! Oh except taking drugs- lots of drugs.
    Hope to be back at the blogs soon! I am still restricted to less than 30 minutes at a time sitting- which is a joke cuz I can take about ten- then back to lie down.
    Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes!

  23. SHE HAS RISEN!!!!!

    (Now go back to bed and get some rest, dear. See you when you’re feeling better.) 😉

  24. PMM, it’s good to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since time here in Pennsylvania is running out for voter registration/party affiliation declarations (April 19th, folks), I’m going to throw in my two cents with regard to the common cause she and I share: Vote No For Specter May 18th.

    You’ll recall Arlen turned Democrat about a year ago ’cause he knew he’d be primaried as a Republican. Well, HAH to you Arlen, because you are being primaried as a Democrat as well.

    A lifelong Dem, I turned Indy the night of ObaMessiah’s Coronation. I’ve enjoyed being an Indy and will send in yet another party affiliation request to be an Indy …. once I’ve voted Yes for Joe Sestak. I’m not crazy about Joe, and wish we had a better voice for the people than Joe will be, but I do think he is the best shot we have to oust Arlen. Republican Toomey is currently doing well against Arlen, and I think Toomey would do even better against Sestak than he will against Arlen. So I’m not going to worry about voting for Sestak. This strategy may be totally apart from PMM’s. Perhaps she can give a better direction the next time she’s able to be here. In the meantime, vote what you believe is right. Just VOTE. Vote in the Primary May 18th.” And if you want to retire Arlen, become a Democrat now, vote for someone else, and hope.

  25. It’s me again. I’ve just watched the 4 Democratic candidates for PA Governor debate. All are well-spoken; few are known state-wide. Thank you, League of Women Voters for moderating and for providing this gem of a website which I’d not heard of: http://www.smartvoter.org
    I’d always wondered how in this state I could get my hands on a ballot prior to the election. (NJ voters are spoiled rotten: U.S.P.S. delivers one to their home/mail box ahead of each election.) Well, everyone can get a copy of his/her ballot at this website!!!!! No excuses for being surprised at the poll. The site introduces itself in this way:

    2010 Elections

    Our goal is to provide the best nonpartisan information about all contests on your ballot to help you make an informed decision.

    All candidates in participating counties and states are offered free web space to help inform voters.

    We open our system for candidate input no sooner than about one week after the elections offices have finalized their list of contests and candidates.

    If you are a candidate and have questions, please see Candidate FAQ for more information or go to the Smart Voter page for your office and send us a Feedback.

    Candidates may change their web pages until 24 hours before the polls close.

  26. BTW, PMM, I found that song I was telling you about…the bleach song. When you’re feeling better I’ll let you know what it is. Now, isn’t’ that something worth getting better for? 😉

  27. PMM so good to hear from you!! Yes take lots of drugs and rest that’s the best thing you can do right now. I promise everyday, little by little you will feel better. At first you don’t even notice then suddenly you do something and you stop and think how only a few weeks ago that would have been impossible.

    Stop by when you’re up to it and let us know how you are doing.

  28. Congratulations PMM! Good to see ya “up and about.” Time. Just time. No rush. Everyone will still be here cheering you on.

  29. Easy does it, PMM.

  30. Mom,

    Hope you’re feling lots better. After hsi disk surgery, the dr. ordred my husband to walk for hours each day. Also, sitting was at the bare-necessity level. He followed orders and recovered beautifully. Please do the same.

  31. Hi PMM! Sending my very best wishes!

  32. How are ya feeling Mom???????

  33. Glad to see you are milling about, now PMM.

  34. Mornin’ PMM! I hope each day brings improvement you can easily notice.
    As for the PA Primary election, I’ve just seen Arlen’s TV ad and it’s a blatant hit piece on Sestak. I’ve no idea for the basis, particularly of his claims for military shame Joe has evidently brought upon himself (Holly Maddux notwithstanding). But it’s his own campaign’s ad – approved by the old goat himself. Arlen has come out swinging.

  35. Here’s Sestak’s reply to the military angle of Arlen’s hit piece:
    Senator Arlen Specter’s current TV ad attacks the military and congressional records of his opponent in the Democratic primary, Representative Joe Sestak. The Specter advertisement begins on a hard-hitting note, saying that Mr. Sestak, who served in the Navy for 31 years, was once relieved of his duties for creating a “poor command climate.”But there’s a little more to the story than that. Toward the end of his Navy career, while serving as a top aide to Admiral Vernon E. Clark, the chief of naval operations, Mr. Sestak was assigned to assess the Navy’s fleet, and he proposed steep cutbacks. When Admiral Clark retired in 2005, his successor, Admiral Mike Mullen, relieved Mr. Sestak of that duty…. Mr. Sestak retired from the Navy with the rank of rear admiral soon afterward. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/20/sestak-responds-to-specters-ad-charges/

    Rear admiral? Not too shabby.

  36. PMM: I’ve really monopolized your comment space; hope it’s OK to continue to do so.
    Today VP Biden, Sen. Casey, Rep. Carney will attend Arlen’s rally at the local airport. Another case of Democrat leader/thugs messing with a primary election.

  37. PMM! Hope you are feeling better! Miss your comments! Such good news about your son, take care.

  38. Hey PMM! Been thinking about you (and praying for you). Hope all is well. How about an update…are you making progress? Miss you!

  39. Wow!
    Just over an hour ago (where I am it is now 1:12 pm), I had a genuine real-time phone call from my [cough, to borrow Uppity’s modifier] Representative US Congressman Chris Carney. He spoke my first name, asked how I was, hoped that he’d not interrupted my lunch, indicated that he was in transit to DC, then mentioned ‘the old war chest.’
    I said, “Sorry, Chris; you’ve lost me.’
    He asked if I could hear him. Assured him that I could. Nonetheless, he began the conversation again.
    When he was done, I reiterated my first response and mentioned something about ‘lockstep.’ (I was remembering the good old days when I thought only Republicans lockstepped.)
    Wish I’d remembered to tell him how pathetic he, Casey and Biden looked at the airport rally for Specter. Local news reported that a crowd of 200 had gathered for it. Guess that’s why he felt the need to call.

  40. No more here from me until PMM is back.
    PMM: I hope you’re getting lots of quality time with your son.

    • You can post all you want Pam- I just don’t have the heart for it-
      The surgery was extremely painful and of very little benefit so far as I can tell right now. I still have the numbness and tingling in my legs and feet- which now seems to have once again started creeping back UP my legs (the three epidural injections had gotten that sensation down to ankle level) the pain in the back of my leg is no better and the pain in my back has only slight improvement-
      It may be that the nerve was compressed for so long it might take time for the inflammation to subside- or it may jsut be that this is as good as it gets. The surgeon ordered an MRI without contrast- which I had yesterday- and the techs tried to make me have it with contrast- but I am a bitch and would not let them inject “earth metals” into my veins- (then I looked it up and boy oh boy am I glad I said no- that tech had no clue- she told me it is impossible to be allergic to it- and she is wrong- there are plenty of lawsuits behind that stuff)
      I am back in physical therapy- ALL the way back to square one it seems-
      so I am a little depressed as you can tell- and wondering what comes next- can’t garden, can’t sit for more than ten minutes at a time-
      however- I can always pray
      thanks to all for the prayers and good thoughts- I am checking in to Uppity Woman’s and speed reading the other blogs- but I can’t sit long enough to comment- Just sitting long enough to write this is painful! So battle on!

      • (((((((((( PMM )))))))))))))
        So glad to hear from you.
        So sad to learn that what’s been going on.

        I’ve pretty much quit sending postcards because there’s little left to be said to those in DC, so I’d not been to the local Staples in awhile. Big shock today at the noon hour. Used to be the techies were running in and out of there – we old people in their way. This day, just a few customers. Store personnel waiting to greet, inquire as to how they could help. So striking. Hope that’s not the new norm.

        An entirely new set of prayers are going out to you; I’m glad you stood up to the all-knowing MRI techs.

  41. Keep up the spirit, PMM. Time heals all wounds.

  42. HI MOM,

    Tickled to catch you today at some of our regular haunts. Prayers and ((( ))).

  43. Love and good wishes to you. PMM. WIll be checking in regularly, even if I don’t post.

    Hang in there – your will to heal is one of the best cures. More prayers on the way.



  44. Just stopping by to say hi. I see you have managed to post a few times at UW. I’m glad you are continuing to get stronger, before you know it you’ll be back at the keyboard full time!

  45. Hello,
    I’m stopping by to wish our CommonSenseGram a good day and share a rather grim chuckle. PA Junior Senator Bobbie Traitor Casey Junior – ignored the dozens and dozens of messages I sent him via USPS. The mailings began in April 2008 and the frequency averaged one per week, for nearly two years. They ended in March 2010 when the massive effort to birth ObamaCare was finally succeeded.

    Since then, Casey Junior has been emailing replies to comments I’ve never mentioned to him. Like today’s about Afghanistan. What a serious nutcake. Hopefully he’ll not make it past his first term.

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