Thank You Lance Cpl Matthew Snyder!

I always say if you like your freedom- thank a soldier and his mom. In this case it is the soldier’s dad -Albert Snyder.

For those of you who may have missed it a group of kooks from Kansas calling themselves christians led by their head loon – some idiot named Phelps- go around picketing at the funerals of fallen heroes. After this group of lunatics disrupted his son’s funeral Mr Snyder sued and won. Get the story here. The Kansas kooks naturally appealed and found some idiot bench warmer who agreed with them and wants Mr. Snyder to PAY THE LOONS! (Said judge needs to go to the lunatic asylum) Needless to say Mr. Snyder is not paying until ordered to do so by the Supreme Court which has agreed to hear the case.

Now I know lots of folks think Bill O’Reilly is a FOX News loon- however, he is doing the right thing here- he has offered to pay the bill for Mr. Phelps.

and in Tuesday’s edition of his show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” the cable host announced that he would gladly pay Snyder’s debt. “I am not going to let this injustice stand,” O’Reilly declared. “It’s obvious [the Westboro protesters] were disturbing the peace by disrupting the funeral. They should have been arrested, but our system is so screwed up … that the loons are allowed to run wild.”

Good on you Mr. O’Reilly! I agree- our system has gone insane. Why were these assholes not arrested for disturbing the peace at least?

Hey assholes from Kansas- guess who protects your freedom to assemble? Your freedom of speech? That’s right- SOLDIERS you idiots! Sorry- I refuse to print the name of their organization in my blog. If you wish to know who they are so you can write to them I am sure you can find the address on the web.

God Bless America and God Bless Lance Cpl Snyder


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  1. A guy on Morning Joe on MSNBC offered to pay $1,000 of it. I think this man will get far more than he ever has to pay, both in money and support.

    I’d pay them in all pennies, dredged through a cesspool.

    • Hopefully the case will be decided in favor of the father.
      I was looking around – Did you know there is a group of motorcycle riders that do military funerals called the Patriot Guard Riders? They got started in response to the Kansas Kooks. They will, at the family’s request, escort any military funeral and block the nut jobs view. They sing patriotic songs or rev the engines of their motorcycles to drown out the lunatics.
      God Bless the Patriot Guard Riders!

  2. You’re right, PMM, this country has gone stark-raving mad.
    It’s nice and warm here today – have a window open & think I hear baby birds although it seems early. Whatever, it’s a brief respite from the insanity we face. I’ve just put in a call to Chris Carney’s office (PA-10) because I’ve caught an ad airing called Thank you, Congressman Chris Carney. Midway throughthat ad, this text is shown:
    The Carney Record:
    Ordinary Pennsylvanians get access to same health benefits Congress gets.
    I’ve asked to be shown where in HR 3590 it guarantees that benefit.
    The guy answering said, you want to know where in a 2700 (?) page bill that statement exists?
    And I said. Yes because I recall each House of Congress having to vote on an amendment to accept Obama care and they all voted no.
    He is supposed to call back.

  3. Thought I’d share a little music with you:

  4. Anthony! ROFL! At least we know SOME young people are awake and aware!
    Pamela- SEIU is running ads all over tv and the web praising Dahlkemper for voting for the travesty- waiting to see if folks around here fall for it- I doubt they will except in Erie- and not all of Erie either- too many businesses are suffering as it is.

  5. A funeral for a child is a horrible thing for a parent or family member.

    Having people disrupt and be disrespectful during this time is cruel and inhumane.

    Hopefully, the father will prevail in the name of peace.

    And kudos to the motorcycle folks for standing up and protecting the bereaved in a time of great sorrow for them.

  6. When I saw this story in the news I went from angry to sad and back to angry again. I can only imagine the pain that the family is enduring. I’m hoping that if it goes the Supreme Court that this stuff will finally come to and end and they will be able to shut down the Westboro haters for good.

    I also stopped by to wish you a very happy and blessed Easter….and please send your unwanted peeps my way. 😉

  7. Happy and blessed Easter greetings to you and your family, PMM. Peace and joy now and always.

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