PA dems against the people- surprised? Updated

Pa Attorney General Corbett signed on to the multi-state lawsuit against Obomneycare and now state Dems are threatening the funding for the AG office. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Pennsylvania Democratic

lawmakers threaten to cut

funding to attorney

general’s office if Tom Corbett pursues lawsuit against federal health care bill

PLEASE! Give me a break! I have become perhaps overly cynical since the DNC appointed their puppet- (though they learned about appointing instead of electing from the Repubs) but do any of these lawmakers really care about the people?? Does Corbett really believe this?

Corbett said the health care law imposes an unconstitutional mandate requiring citizens to purchase health insurance.

“Congress does not have the constitutional authority to enact this requirement,” Corbett said. “This law threatens every citizen’s individual liberties.”

The Dems claim Pa could lose millions now and billions later “If the lawsuit you are contemplating is successful…” (Do I detect a faint fear that the lawsuit may actually succeed? GOOD!)

Or is all of this merely political games? Corbett IS running for governor here in PA. Will he cave and claim the Dems made him do it? And try to claim he was a hero stopped by the forces of evil? And the Dems can claim they stopped the forces of evil??

Told you- I have gotten cynical.

So will it surprise you that I have written and called Corbett’s office to let him know I want him to continue on and not let the Dems make him back down? See if he will actually stand! Hold him to it! I also e-mailed my local rep and let her know I want her to stand up and support Corbett on this issue.

Want to join the fun? Here is Corbett’s contact info

Regional OfficesPress OfficeHotlinesRight To Know Law

Mailing Address:
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Regional Offices:
Find a regional office near you



Press Office:

Please by all means call and write- let him know just how grateful we are (yes you hear some snark in there) that he is sticking up for us poor defenseless voters.

He wants your vote- make him work for it!

Oh and keep in mind- the PA State party is backing Specter if that gives you any clue about where they stand- Obots every one.

Oh silly silly me- I forgot to mention that I retained my registration as a Democrat (you need an affiliation to vote in primaries here in PA) So let’s all call our Dem Party office and tell them to get with the people or get out! here is the contact info – and you want to especially send messages to the State Party Chair- T.J. Rooney- Here you go!

Mailing Address:

300 N. 2nd St.
8th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Phone Number:

(717) 920-8470


(717) 901-7829

Pa Dem Party Web Page click here You can go and send e-mails.

I heard somewhere that another state’s Dims are pulling the same trick- so I guess I know what Axelrove is doing now. If anybody knows which states- let’s get those communities “organized” as well.


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  1. Damn, PMM. You found the motherlode! What a bunch of penis breaths. For anyone in NEPA, the local station WNEP TV16 has a talkback line: 1-800-228-WNEP. Don’t know how far that number reaches, but all they ask is that you mention where you’re calling from. Fair warning: they prefer local news, but maybe we could borrow their resource this time around.

    Other thing, Teh Won and cohorts must be worried about AG lawsuits if they are going to this extreme.

    Man I wouldn’t want you after me. 🙂
    Ride on!

    • Hey I am a light weight – REALLY! Just trying to shall we say “organize” the community? Gotta do my part you know! 🙂

      • I updated and here is the e-mail I sent the PA Dimwits party
        Are you folks living on another planet? WE DO NOT WANT obamacare!
        I am registered as a Democrat- and expect Democrat’s to stand with their constituents- not with DC. The American people have spoken-
        Tom Corbett is right- fight this bill all the way to the Supreme Court.
        Why are YOU not passing legislation like other states to keep us safe from this?

        • CHA CHING! I found a most interesting link at No Quarter in the comments section. Want to see who lobbied for the stinking Obomney Bill? Then by all means go to this spot

          But you already know who is there don’t you- because you are all very smart non kool aid imbibing voters- Blue Cross Blue Shield, the big pharma folks like Eli Lilly and Astra Zeneca, Verizon, the National Realtor’s Assoc, Chamber of Commerce, Ah Yes- the National Restaraunt Assoc- I knew they would stick their noses in, Cigna, AARP,
          This should make for interesting reading– LOL
          Now I am just going to keep track and tie Dahlkemper to as many of these lobbyists as I can- and when she or any other politician who voted for that abomination of a bill ask for money- I will pull out the list and give them a suggestion as to which companies they can go ask to fund them.

  2. Wow. That is unreal. A Dem is trying to rescue the people of PA by not saddling them with the financial repsonsiblity of this bill. Yet the state Dems are trying to pull the rug out from under him by cutting his money off.

    Makes ya wonder what kind of secret special goodies the state Dems are in line for if Bho-Care goes through. Ooops. The special goodies are not for everyone. Maybe the AG is trying to tell everyone just that.

  3. Great update. Just now, left a no-money no-vote message with PA Dems. I wish this issue was taking off; guess people are too busy with other issues, or merely taking a break from the good fight.

    • Good for you! Will keep an eye on them- pass this on to all I can think of who live here in PA. You watch- Rendell is going to get some cushy Cabinet post after he is done here- mark my words.

      • This is message PA Dem sent back. Unbelievable:
        We are sure that after 8 years of Republican misrule that you must be upset. We are confident that the new healthcare bill will not only help thousands of Americans but also reduce the national debt and spur on a recovery of our economic system. Which you are well aware of was caused by the 8 years of Republican rule. We are happy to take you off our email list however our records do not show you listed at this email address or under the name you have provided. If you would like to be removed please give us the proper information.

        Moving our country forward.

        Note: I am on their USPS list, but am certain Fadia would not be phased, nor changed by the fact.

        • Replies to my e-mails to Dahlkemper or PA Dem Party?

          Still waiting- waiting, waiting————-
          But then I am still waiting for a census form too- guess I REALLY don’t count!

  4. Yup, the Dems and Washington are doing it just the way they always do it in Chicago. We’ve seen this tactic used all the time here.

    I wish I lived in PA to help you with this.

    • If everybody would keep their eyes open in every state- oh you know what I was going to say- preaching to the choir again.

  5. Bastards. In AZ the AG running for governor refuses to sue.

    • Did you know that ObamaCrapCare will reduce hospice?

      • So the elderly will die alone and in pain- WTF?? he is guilty because he wasn’t there for his mother or grandmother so the rest of us will be made to suffer?

  6. mcnorman- the things we don’t know yet about this bill will probably give a lot of people heart attacks and could fill book after book.
    I did not know about the hospice thing- thank God my Mom has all of us kids and my brother is a certified CNA (retired) and has done hospice and nursing home work.
    I feel horrible for all the folks who haven’t any family to help them.

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