He is going where?

This snuck under the radar during all the hype the past few days. Or perhaps it was done now in hopes of it sneaking by unnoticed?

Hundreds of thousands to be spent for Hasan in Bell County

You remember Hasan don’t you? The Islamofascist that killed so many brave Americans down there at Fort Hood? The one we are not supposed to call a terrorist?

by John Cuoco

BELTON – It was announced Monday that Major Nidal Hasan would be returned to Bell County. The contract between Bell County and the U.S. Military was obtained by News Channel 25 on Tuesday.

The 17-page contract will move the Fort Hood shooting suspect from Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio to the Bell County Jail in Belton as a high-value inmate. He is expected to stay in Belton until September of 2010.

For that six-month period of incarceration, the price tag is $206,796.30, which the military would pay Bell County.

His lawyer and I agree on only one thing-

“The price tag agreed upon ($206,796.30), is a total waste of tax payer money.

Correct! So quit wasting tax payer money and prop this Islamofascist piece of shit up in his wheelchair, wheel him to the wall and shoot his sorry ass.

What Mr. Lawyer- you were expecting pity? You want me to feel sorry because Hasan the soldier killer is paralyzed and has to wear Depends for the rest of his (hopefully very short) pitiful life?

Well asshole- I am a proud military mom and I don’t feel sorry for him and I won’t. And why is Hasan-the-should-be-dead-terrorist going to a jail anyway? I just googled it and Fort Leavenworth is still there.  U.S. Disciplinary Barracks– Oh and look!

The United States Disciplinary Barracks (USDB) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas is the only maximum security correctional facility in the Department of Defense. It is the oldest penal institution in continuous operation in the Federal system. Operations started in May 1875 at the United States Military Prison (later renamed USDB) and continues to this date.

A new state-of-the-art, 515-bed, USDB became operational in September 2002 replacing the old stone wall and brick castle. The USDB staff includes both civilian and service members of the Military Police Corps, Adjutant General Corps, Medical Corps, Medical Service Corps, Corps of Engineers, Chaplain Corps, Judge Advocate General Corps, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Air Force, and the United States Navy, working to achieve a progressive correctional community.

Gee a state of the art brand new facility with everything we seem to need. Medical Corps, Chaplains if he thinks Allah listens to cold-blooded terrorists, the Judge Advocate General’s office and some soldiers to shoot him. Good-

Save the taxpayers some money and send Hasan to Leavenworth. Court martial him, try him for treason and shoot him- SOON! let him be a lesson to any other Islamofascist hiding in the military.


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  1. Wow. Such an expensive state of the art facilty that Ft. L. Betcha the only reason they are keeping him in the County is probably because they do not have the facilities or health care personnel for his needs. Wheelchairs, people to push him about, give him his meds, get him to and fro,…

    The guy is paralyzed from the waist down. The place has to be wheelchair accessible for visitors and workers. But it may not have been designed for inmates the same way. This must be about Ft. L not having the facilities/special personnel to take care of him.

    Too bad the taxpayers have to foot this bill. Shame. real shame.

  2. TC- go check out the first article- the lawyer is whining about the jail and the need for personal attendants for this asshole.
    he can get all of that at Fort Leavenworth and if not- why can he not stay right there in the military hospital where he is?
    IMHO this is an attempt to suck him out of the military justice system and get him into the civilian system where he might get a sympathetic jury and no jail time.
    Trust me- the military has plenty of places they can put this guy and the personnel to see to his diapering and so forth. Already paid for- no additional expense.

  3. Bastard. He should have to crawl on his belly. Someone will do a Jeffrey Dahmer on him, watch.

  4. He should stay in the military system. In a military jail. But seeing he needs so much medical care, it would be easier for all if he stayed in a hospital or assisted living facility. Trouble is, no one wants a murderer in a community assisted living facility, or their community hospital. Brooke probably thinks their job of taking care of his acute problems is long over. Since he has been stabilized, they need the bed for other patients. He has long term chronic permanent problems now. Better suited for a chronic rehab type hospital or facility. As a criminal, and still in the Army, he cannot go home and have his own family do the care. So the Army is stuck. They really should take care of the guy themselves, but they must be claiming they are in the job of Army, not chronic care. And Ft. L doesn’t want him with all his needs either. Why on earth would they want to shift their staffing, etc. around to suit this guy? Send him elsewhere. Let someone else do it. No one wants him. It is a waste of cash. And lack of responsibility.

  5. Maybe they can open up a ward for him at Ft. L. Chronic Care Unit. Now there’s a thought.

  6. Walter Reed? In one of those rooms with the peeling wall paper and the rodent droppings?

  7. Oh my, PMM, how apropos. Any other “amenities”?

  8. Ain’t it good to know that Obama is taking such great care of the guy who killed so many of our service members who happened to be unarmed and defenseless? What a guy! Maybe they can name the jail after him…the terrorist, that is. Wouldn’t that be a great tribute? 🙄

    I’ll be so glad when Obama is finally out of office…but then again, it seems that each President is worst than the one before him. I don’t know if I can take anyone worse than Obama.

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