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It’s official- hope all the kool-aid drinking asshats are ecstatic.

So girls- better make sure you are playing safely when you do the sex for votes for Barky thing- because you won’t be having any abortions on the public dime- though we will all be paying for their Viagra. Oh wait- I am not sure but I don’t think birth control is covered- that might be an abortion- so better buy stock in condoms. It’s better anyway- you can protect your self from that nasty HPV virus that all the dirty dicks are spreading around.

While you are at it- better buy yourself some nice dark material and start practicing wearing your burkha- it’s coming really soon. Wouldn’t want men to have to take any responsibility for their own urges now- that is asking too much- you will accept responsibility for inciting lust! Cover yourselves!

Rights? Nope- no more rights- the IRS will be the enforcers- when the HHS Dept takes over your bank account.

Stupid stupid people- you did not do your homework and this is what you get- unfortunately we all have to suffer. A pox on every single person that voted for the community organizer- including the dead ones that voted courtesy ACORN.

Let the counter revolution begin! If your congress person voted for this abomination- vote them out. Find some way to protect your family and your money. Maybe Timmee Tax Evader can give us all tips on how to keep the IRS out of our pockets without going to jail..


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  1. Nice rant PMM, and tragically, reality. I’m going to leave a very long comment because part of it may be useful to everyone, and the whole of it may be useful to Pennsylvanian’s like us. It is actually a letter the editor and I’m sending copies of it around to friends:
    After an extended and messy process, Speaker Pelosi has given birth to P.O.P.P., which stands for President Obama’s Pet Project. Apparently no one knows much about the new legislation, but statements the President himself have made indicate that Medicare will incur large cuts, and there is frequent internet reference to a tax on health benefits. These two items are just what Candidate Obama raked John McCain over the coals for in Obama’s TV campaign ad entitled “It Gets Worse.” In other words, Obama is about to sign what he condemned less than two years ago. This ad was televised frequently during October 2008 and is still available on YouTube.
    Hopefully PA voters from now on will be much more wary of the information which candidates broadcast merely for the purpose of gaining your vote. Hopefully too, voters will begin now to plan how they intend to vote. Pennsylvania’s primary election will be held on May 18th. Other important dates in connection with this primary are April 19th, the deadline for registering or changing party affiliation, and May 11th, which is the last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot.
    Please recall that Arlen Specter will be on the primary ballot as a Democrat because he does have competition. If you wish to vote for or against Sen. Specter, you need to be a registered Democrat. Specter turned 80 in February and is currently completing his 30th year in the U.S. Senate.

    • PAM! Welcome!
      I blasted Dahlkemper this morning in e-mail and spoke to her office as well- (the one in Erie- her DC voice mail is full)
      Husband, daughter and I all kept our Dem registration so as to be able to screw all the Dem primaries from now until forever. Bye bye Arlen! I am recommending to all my nieces, nephews, friends acquaintances that they all become Dems for a Day and vote against Specter and any other who voted against the people. Hey if Obama can do it so can we.
      I have 500 ft of frontage on the main road through town- and I let Dahlkemper’s office know that not only will she not be getting any space here, I will support her opponents, and will have a huge sign reminding voters that she went with the anointed one against the people.
      Not that I expect an answer but I told her office i want to know how long I have to get my money out of the bank before the HHS and IRS have access to it-

    • Specter’s Democratic opponent, Joe Sestak, voted for the bill last night in the House.

      • I blasted him as well- told him he will not get my vote-
        There are other people listed as running- not sure if any of them will actually make it to the primaries as they do not have the money or the backing.
        I am convinced now that there is no difference- as I said to Sestak’s phone answerer- what is the point of voting for Sestak if he casts the same votes as Specter? They are all owned – bought and paid for and their loyalty is not to us.
        Can we just have a regular person? PLEASE?

      • True. The whole congress is crap. Still, I’d feel better knowing that one seemingly permanent fixture was extricated.

  2. Sorry – i misinterpreted your reply. 😦

    • just goes to show you that they are all the same and they DO NOT work for us!
      I just updated the post- thank you for the data- and sent an e-mail to all my PA friends with a CC to Murphy. I hope the e-mail goes viral- we need to resurrect the Dem for a Day strategy and take Specter down- while at the same time giving them a taste of Barky’s medicine!
      I am going to send you a copy of the e-mail!

  3. My Congresslime voted for the bill the first time and against it the second time. That first bill passed by an even smaller margin. He’s more culpable for voting yes on the first bill, especially since he apparently doesn’t believe in anything.

    By the way, I am going to stop putting money in my 401K. I see a lost decade coming and I’d rather fix up my house or start my moving fund.

    • got it. very nice.

    • I have been trying to get my husband to move his 401k and soon! He lost half of it in the downturn and it is going to tank again soon.
      Where to move to? Waiting to see what comes of all the AG’s and their suits and which states follow Idaho’s lead.

      • I think I technically have German citizenship. They have a semi-private health care system, plus they appreciate engineers.

        • I heard once that if you could prove you had an Irish ancestor you could get Irish citizenship I will have to check i out

  4. good rant P.M.M. glad i found your blog via my fav.Uppity
    i will be back..

  5. I’m mad as hell and I am going to be working for anyone to defeat that ass kissing turd from my district. If any dingaling wants to run for his slot, I will be working for him to depose the assclown and company come November.

  6. I’m taking whats left of my 410K and investing in pitchfork and/or tiki torch manufacturers.

    So mad I can’t even think about this.

    For someone who constantly reminds us “I’m not Bush!”, The Kenyan is sure doing a great imitation.

    Revenge comes in November.

    • As I always say- “Payback is a mother- and I have three kids”
      I am going to make it my personal motto never to vote for an incumbent again- impose term limits!

      • The term limit thing is something I’ve been bitching about for a really long time.

        If these assclowns didn’t have assurance that they couldn’t make a lifetime cash cow out of their seats, things would be a lot different.

        Also thinking about moving to a(nother) third world country who doesn’t have to hide how they screw their own. Maybe the Caribbean – beaches always make a dictatorship a little more bearable…..

        • The only way we are going to get term limits is to impose them ourselves- they will never ever vote themselves out of power- their owners won’t let them

  7. Personally, I’m all for not having to pay for others abortions. I would be happy to make vasectomies mandatory for all male politicians and wouldn’t mind a bit if they asked me to pay for it. Oh heck…why stop at vasectomies…how ’bout castration? That’s better.

    • Castration would be good- but how do we identify them when they are young so as to prevent them reproducing themselves?? As we have seen repeatedly- there seems to be no lack of airhead botbettes willing to throw themselves at these professional politicians- see Edwards et al

  8. Truly Nunly- I am just disgusted- they are once again using abortion to deflect from the bigger issue- like women can think of nothing else. Like Sharia Law, the IRS enforcers, the HHS having access to our personal financial info etc. Abortion and who pays for it is the least of our problems with this bill- (though I think that folks should pay for their own Viagra and if they are consenting adults then dammit- use birth control or pay for your own services!)
    Once again women have been shoved under the bus- and Stupak was a fool- Obama can undo that piece of paper as fast as he can sign it- oh wait- that’s right- just like the girl who falls for the guy who says “I won’t cum inside you” “I LOOOOVVVVEEEE you” I Promise I’ll marry you- yeah right- Stupak is just like that girl because apparently Obama didn’t even sign it! All Stupak got was a promise- what a fool!
    Women need to quit letting the politicians turn us into one issue voters-We need to quit letting politicians divide us on this one issue-
    How about women all stick together and focus on the BIG stuff- equal rights amendment? Pay equity? Not letting insurance companies discriminate because we have breasts and uterus’s? How about if the ins companies pay for Viagra they have to pay for birth control?
    Abortion is the least of our problems – being turned back into slaves (and make no mistake about it- women have been used like slaves in most cultures throughout history)is the big problem and this bill is the beginning of the end if we don’t find a way to fight back. I don’t do slave-

  9. PMM- I know, that EO was a big joke and your analogy was perfect.

    Unfortunately, women are going to be treated like second rate citizens for a long time until we start showing each other more respect. When I see the way women threw Hillary under the bus to support Obama, it was clear to me that we will never be equal in the eyes of the law or anything else in this country.

    Hillary worked her entire life to fight for us, as women, and what did it get her? Organizations like NARAL and NOW treating Obama as if he was some kind of plastic god.

    I agree with you on the Viagra vs Birth Control issue. That’s just crap and it always has been. Also…it seems that when men were having trouble getting their act together in the bedroom…a magic pill appears. Voila! Problem solved. But there are women who have the same problem and where do you see any serious research to help them? I happened to be flipping channels one evening and saw the rebroadcast of one of Oprah’s shows and there were four women who talked about their problems with intimacy, the same problems as men. I couldn’t believe the statistics about what a problem it is with women! I’ve never heard it mentioned before. And yet…no research, no help for them.
    As far as this male society we live in, they can just fake their orgasms and shut up.

    (I hope NP isn’t reading this!) 😳

    • http://health.discovery.com/centers/womens/viagra/viagra.html

      “Viagra” for women, and research for women with similar sexual dysfunctions to ED has been underway for years.

      The existence of Viagra, and other ED drugs, has led to discoveries that other, non-sexual, conditions are responding positively to the drug, as well.

      It infuriates me that birth control is not covered under medical plans. It should fall under a prevention umbrella the same as yearly exams.

      But, birth control is a choice, and ED is a condition. So, I understand how the distinction of them being different medically is made. I don’t want my husband impotent because that impacts me emotionally and physically, too. I want birth control covered. These two situations just really aren’t interchangeable. The argument needs to be fought on merit to succeed.

      • Thank you for visiting and giving your input.
        Sorry- but it is proven fact that almost all cervical cancer is caused by a virus spread by – you guessed it- the penis.
        If insurance companies are going to cover Viagra then they should cover the drugs that prevent cervical cancer- which most do not do. Why should they? Men don’t get cervical cancer- they just spread the virus around.
        And conception and birth are “conditions” that happen to women- both are preventable and the insurance companies should cover them.
        After seeing old farts like Tony Randall procreating in his what 80’s? and women competing to become the world’s oldest mother I wonder what the hell is wrong with our society? Is there something wrong with aging?

        • Under no circumstances am I saying Birth Control, cervical cancer preventions, or any medical treatments for our female reproductive systems should not be covered.

          I’m merely stating that the argument comparing Viagra just isn’t as solid an argument as standing firm on the merits and solid reasoning that women’s health is of the utmost importance.

          But, I get your message, and since I have an opinion that isn’t in lockstep with yours, I won’t bother you again.

        • Your opinion need not be in lockstep with mine. I fully understand your point and am merely trying to make my point as well.

          It is reprehensible to me that what I consider to be a recreational drug (and sorry if that offends you- but let’s face it- the lack of an erection is not life threatening) is covered by the insurance companies because it is for men while they deny things like birth control and HPV vaccine because they are for women.
          just sayin

  10. PMM- I left you something on my blog today.

    • HEY! What is going on- I tried to visit your blog and got a message saying it is protected and it wants me to log in! You better e-mail me! I can’t get in over there!

  11. PMM- I just sent you an e-mail. Hopefully this won’t be permanent…just trying to figure out what to do and that was the quickest resolution to the problem for now.

  12. I’m not certain if this comment is welcome here, and if not, apologies ahead of time. I will not make mentioning Sarah Palin a habit. However, she is targeting House members who voted for ObamaCare and were carried by the McCain/Palin ticket. That includes your gal Dahlkemper (PA-3) and my guy Carney (PA-10), and I’m glad to hear that.

    • Pamela- all civil comments are always welcome! I actually like Palin- she was a very effective governor-
      Dahlkemper- I voted for her as well- And have let her know I will not be making that error again- and I will work for her opponent

  13. PMM- Bad Habit is back and running again, all problems fixed.

    pamelaofthePoconos- From what I’m reading, the Republican party in general is going after Dems BIGTIME. My gosh, I read a few blogs and they smell blood in the water.

  14. Let the counter revolution begin!

    Indeed. Let the games begin.

    The Won is gloating now along with his minions. November is but a very short time away. Opposition will metatmorphosize into power.

  15. PMM, another suggestion to the fine list you have been provided so far.

    Coffee Nips. Suck slowly. No choking alllowed. Brush your teeth after each one or two. No cavities allowed stemming from candy (or gum).

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