I am not Timee

So I am finishing the Fed and State taxes today- us lowly peon type serfs must obey the laws they write up there in DC. Besides- I got this in an e-mail


Pay your Taxes!

Reminder- Tac Day is April 15th!

20 Million Illegals say

Muchas gracias

Go for it- I will pop in and out when the stress level gets too high!


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  1. Paying taxes. That is what honest Americans do.

  2. I thought I’d let Geithner do my taxes for me this year. He seems to know all the tricks about not paying and getting away with it.

  3. TC- Too bad there are no honest Americans left in DC!

    Nunly- Timmee is too busy trying to bring down Americ t help us- every woman for herself!

  4. Taxes are for us little people.

    • All laws are for us little people- the DC dicks live in some alternate reality- no laws apply to them

      • I did not learn about this until a few years ago. I was so dumb because I thought taxes were for everyone.

        • Don’t feel dumb- we were just brought up to believe the government of the United States was different, good-
          It is like when we found out that Santa and the Easter Bunny were lies

  5. Peace of mind for those who pay their taxes dutifully. For the others, it will gnaw at them relentlessly.

  6. Are you finished with your taxes yet? My husband does our taxes and I stay far far away when he’s working on it and try to make myself scarce for about a week afterward.

    • I did- just got to pay the fee and hit send –
      Daughters Fed is done- Pa not yet- she needs to sit and copy everything off her Fed into the PA Dept of Rev site- free there i understand as she has the simple poor young person version

  7. Keep up the good work, PMM. We will all be doing our taxes as we await your sly return to blog exposes!

    • Thanks- I hate doing taxes- especially when quitting smoking- only left is to pay for it and hit the send button

  8. PMM- I left you a reply to your message you just left. Maybe it will be helpful. 😉

  9. BTW, how did you score a pic of neighbors?

  10. How are ya feelin’ today, PMM?

  11. minute by minute- day by day-
    Saw the first flock of male robins fighting for territory in the back yard yesterday- spring is coming!

  12. PMM- Yeah, I heard some robins outside a couple of weeks ago and I got so excited! It’s in the 60’s today…gloomy, but at least all the snow is gone and I don’t have to wear a heavy coat and mittens just to get the mail!

  13. Still have snow- I am getting worried about my snowdrops- they are usually up by now- always bloom before the robins- but the snow is still so deep on the perennial bed— still have to wear a coat- it is supposed to be in the 50’s today

  14. Robins? You have robins? Great! We have pterodactyls. And they usually score the windshields.

    Hang in there. We are all rootin’ for ya.

  15. Robins, cardinals, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, crows, starlings, hawks, eagles, turkey, redwing blackbirds, orioles, bluebirds, blue jays- most are spring summer fall so it is always a joy to see the first robins return!

  16. Yesterday I went out to pick up all the dog “remnants” now that the snow has melted and I found the remainders of, what looks to be a dove, next to my fence. It looks as if a hawk got to it…nothing but the feathers which looked as if they were picked off. I know there is a hawk that often sits on that portion of the fence, and I’ve also caught him stalking my bird feeders. That made me so sad because I know that doves keep their mates for life and I just saw a lone dove by my feeders the other day. I wonder if that was his/her mate? Sigh…

    I’ve had plenty of robins and it seems as if we have a bumper crop of cardinals this year. We’re also swarming with finches.

    • Sorry to hear about the mate. It is sad to see even God’s creatures suffer such losses. Maybe he can meet up with a she dove on similar circumstances and hang together.

      Bumper crop, huh? Very nice.

  17. You’re going to love this one…our tax dollars at work.


  18. mcnorman- that is maddening and when I saw your comment where you said, “I would tell them, you don’t see the ACT or the SAT being given in Spanish, do you?” that I thought to myself…it’s only a matter of time, I’m sure.

    I remember when I taught at a pre-school and there was a little Vietnamese boy there who spoke no English. His mom just told us, speak in English around him and don’t let him reply in Vietnamese….it must be English. The kid did fine and was speaking very good English by the time the year was finished. Although….he did swear at me in Vietnamese, which I had no idea that’s what it was. When I asked him mom what (whatever the words were, I can’t remember now) she looked shocked and grabbed her son and slapped him across the face! I had no idea that he would get in trouble and no idea why he as swearing at me!

    She then said, “Don’t let him say that. You slap him if he say that!” He never said it again which is good because I could never slap him!

    • It’s only a matter of time. Let’s not. ECFMG for foreign students applying to medical school. From what I have seen, those tests are much more difficult to pass.

    • I know that mom’s method was tough, but the kid survived and moved along.
      Glad he never said it again.

    • Those were the days when children minded their parents, and their parents forced them to learn the language of the land in order to succeed. They became billingual as a result.

      That little kid’s mother sure meant business. She certainly wasn’t about to let him utter those few objectionable words in the other language to his teacher here in this country. He probably remembers that day clearly just the same.

  19. We are not going to file this year. We decided to go to one of the work areas in Florida and pay the guys a days wages instead.

  20. Betty! ROFL!
    mcnorman- That makes my blood boil! Nobody taught my grandparents English- they learned it because it is the language of America and they came here to BE AMERICANS! They learned it to be able to work, shop, fit in.
    Immersion is the best way- screw these special classes-

    • As it should be PMM. Bilingual education creates masters of neither language. It is a lie to tell someone that they will be able to do well learning both languages half assed.

  21. My apologies to everybody fpr my tardiness in responding to comments. This whole quitting smoking thing is tough! I really do appreciate you all and can not wait to get back up to snuff and writing again!

  22. PMM- Pop over to my blog and watch me beat up on an atheist. That will take your mind off your smoking. It’s like shooting ducks in a pond. Great sport…attacking atheist reasoning, not shooting duck. Quack Quack. 🙂

  23. So take a break PMM and have a laugh. Really. Pop over after Bad Habit.

  24. PMM- I hope your surgery went well…it was supposed to be on St.Pat’s day, no? I was thinking about you and praying for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Hope all is well, dearie. 🙂

  25. Nunly! You’re back! I had the pre-op visit with the surgeon on St. Paddy’s- the surgery is set for the day after Easter. I asked them not to do it before as I do not want to be laid up over Holy Week.
    How is your Mom?

  26. Hi! I see…I think it’s great they could schedule it for after Easter.

    My mom is doing much better now. I think she needed the closure of the wake and such. I know there will be moments when she will miss her friend, but knowing my mom, she’ll never stop praying for her. My mom says rosaries like nobody’s business…every morning and evening! I just love her for that!

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