Screw the Food Pyramid! Eat Brain food!

I have long suspected the government’s “Food Pyramid” as an attempt to dumb us down. Just little things I put together from observation- like why does the government want us to eat less meat and more vegetables? I am sure I am not the only one who was told as a child that protein- meat and fish- is brain food. Americans, with our protein rich diets are tall, America for a long time led the world in inventing things (though that I will admit is partly due to the free market capitalist system we have that rewards people for good ideas.) In the days of feudalism when peasants ate little meat folks were much shorter in stature.  I have often wondered why we have canine teeth if we are supposed to be vegetarians- if I was supposed to be eating all plant material wouldn’t I have teeth like a herbivore?

So I found this today and thought I would share-

Did the discovery of cooking make us human?

Cooking is something we all take for granted but a new theory suggests that if we had not learned to cook food, not only would we still look like chimps but, like them, we would also be compelled to spend most of the day chewing.

Without cooking, an average person would have to eat around five kilos of raw food to get enough calories to survive.

The daily mountain of fruit and vegetables would mean a six-hour chewing marathon.

It is already accepted that the introduction of meat into our ancestors’ diet caused their brains to grow and their intelligence to increase.

Meat – a more concentrated form of energy – not only meant bigger brains for our ancestors, but also an end to the need to devote nearly all their time to foraging to maintain energy levels.

As a consequence, more time was available for social structure to develop.

Now I am not saying don’t eat your fruits and veggies- I love them! (She says as she looks longingly at the asparagus bed covered with snow.) And I won’t draw comparisons between the stature and ingenuity of folks who live in countries with plant concentrated diets. Just keep in mind that humans have canine teeth for a reason!


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  1. Hiya PMM!

    I also think that trying to substitute meat for cheap proteins such as peanut butter and beans is not a great idea for kids. I don’t eat any red meat, mostly for health reasons, but I do eat fish and I’ve never kept my family from eating meat. In fact, when my daughter was in high school she decided to follow the trend of being a vegetarian (all her friends were doing it) and I said it was ok as long as she ate fish, eggs, and at least once a week she had to have chicken or turkey.

    She stayed with that diet through high school but once she got into college, she went back to eating meat again. It’s too expensive to live only on vegetables and fish. Not every one has a vegetable garden like Meeeshell and a group of gardeners to tend to it for them.

  2. I just caught your comment over at UW- I am SO glad you are back! now I feel like I really CAN quit smoking cuz my prayer warrior is back!

    The whole food pyramid thing drives me nuts- why does the government keep revising it to look more and more like a third world or Chinese diet???

  3. why does the government keep revising it to look more and more like a third world or Chinese diet???

    Maybe because China owns us now. 🙂

    Regarding the end to smoking…you hang in there, kiddo! And don’t worry….if you fall and have a cigarette…just put it behind you and move on. It’s just like a diet, sometimes we mess up and give into the temptation, but that doesn’t mean we have to quit the diet.

    I’ll pray for ya. I wonder if there’s a patron saint for those who are quitting smoking. Hopefully it isn’t a saint who died from smoke inhalation because that would be too weird. I’ll look into that for ya. 😉

  4. If all else fails I will pray to St Cecilia! maybe I can get the top of my range back!

  5. A 6 hr marathon? There are more fun things to do than just chew. 😉

  6. Imagine all the time needed to just hunt/gather all the food. Not just for you, nut for you and yours. And then you would have to sit around and chew for 6 hrs.

    Phew! An exhausting thought.

  7. I agree TC- I have long believed that when we started eating meat- the brain got bigger, language developed, stature increased, we started inventing thins etc. I am sure some of it had to do with the additional time available- gathering took time as did hunting- but even a medium sized animal would last a while- leaving time for things like making pots, baskets, more permanent shelter etc.
    I refuse to be suckered into a third world diet!

  8. Funny post. I think I need to go eat a ham sandwich now…

  9. I knew the food pyramid was bullcrap when they took it and suddenlly tipped it upside down. Everything they told you to eat more of for decades was suddenly not as good as the stuff they told you not to eat.

    The government is full of shit and the food pyramid is a glaring example of this.

    • AMEN! My husband and I were discussing this- they want us dumbed down? Maybe we won’t ask so many questions?

  10. Maybe they should stick salmonella, botchulism and E Coli in the food pyramid, considering our food is riddled with it.

    • This I think goes to 3 things- mega farms- where animals live in filth, mega processing plants (wasn’t Chicago the meat packing capital of the world) again- filth and last but certainly not least- our obsession with over sanitizing things.
      If we are never exposed to bacteria we can not develop resistance. If we continue taking anti-biotics (and giving them to the animals as well) we get resistant bacteria.
      We can never rid the animal population of these naturally occurring bacteria but we can and should insist that the conditions which cause their rapid growth in our food be corrected.

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