Got your seed catalogs yet?

I got this in the comments section at Uppity Woman’s yesterday (h/t Swell)

Miami Considers Ban on Feeding the Homeless Without Training

The Miami City Commission is set to consider a proposal next month that would prohibit unauthorized people and groups from feeding the homeless downtown, an ordinance proponents say will cut down on litter and ensure the safety of the food the homeless do eat.

SURE! At about $125.00 for the course and another $35.00 or so for the certification exam how many people are taking that test?

This, of course, has been going on for years. Restaurants and grocery stores throw out tons and tons of food on a daily basis. Can’t be having the homeless or the food banks suing if somebody gets sick now can we? Or- perhaps the mega stores just figure if they give the apple with a bruise to the food bank then people will just go to the food bank instead of spending money in their big box stores? Are the restaurants getting the same idea? If we allow people to feed the hungry they won’t come in and buy?

Perhaps something more behind this? I found this today-

Americans Paying More for Produce After January Freeze Hurts Florida Crop


Tomatoes aren’t the only produce affected — peppers, green beans, strawberries, squash and eggplant crops are all having problems. Customers complain the produce is either too ripe or not ripe enough.

Think this is new? It’s not-

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

So shortages of food? Products coming in form Mexico? (maybe trying to get the crop pickers to go home?) Let’s not be giving leftovers to homeless people- oh no!

Or is this perhaps the result of Al Gore’s global warming? The world is turned upside down and Florida is now the arctic? Will we be importing our food from Antarctica next? Perhaps grow tomatoes on those icebergs that are floating around?

Get your seed catalogs folks!

Post script

I was just doing my morning rounds of the blogs and saw that mcnorman has a post very relevant to this one

How to Feed the World: Monsanto vs. Michael Pollan

I should have put at the end of the post- make sure your seeds are NOT genetically altered! If at all possible buy local and buy heirloom! Use the seed catalogs to plan out what you will plant and then look for local farmers for your seeds or seedlings. We are very fortunate to live in an area with lots of Amish so finding heirloom plants is not so hard. Beware the genetically altered seeds!


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  1. Nom sent this to me when Monsanto was last in the news:

    Canada’s organic flaxseed market devastated by “mysteriously” introduced gm flaxseeds into their crops which are now unsaleable to EU.

    • funny isn’t it?
      We live in a big farming area- mostly small farmers – there are fields that they lease from people who don’t farm anymore for one reason or another.
      Drives me nuts sometimes cuz the guy who leases the fields across from and up the road from us uses huge amounts of fertilizer and I think pesticides- so guess where every friggin bug goes? We still get enough veggies though! The japanese beetles I just can not stand though! gotta get that nematode stuff

  2. Yes PMM, I shop at the local Farmer’s Market. I will pick prickly pears when they are available. I will do whatever I can to avoid the genetically engineered foods if possible.

    • I don’t think I have ever had prickly pear- we get lots of volunteer foods here- plenty of blackberries, raspberries (red and black) though never bumper crops all in the same years.
      We had some wild grapes two years ago that were actually I think, some kind of Concord- the birds must have planted them. Most times wild grapes are green and nasty sour! These were good- only enough to eat out of hand- I am keeping an eye on that vine!
      We always have an abundance of one of the berries. Two years ago it was the blackberries! The dog discovered a whole huge patch of those! We also have the sweetest wild strawberries- tiny tiny- but oh so good! The horses love them!

  3. Beware the genetically altered seeds!

    You got that right.

    It’s bad enough that some fruits and vegetables come in with that washed out flavor from mass growing/early picking. But it is obvious there is even more of a flavor dilution nowadays, compared to years back when fruits and veggies were not being imported. Right on target with obtaining local seeds and herloom plants.

  4. It can be hard to find non genetically free seeds- but the flavor in an heirloom tomato is far superior to the edible cardboard in the grocery store!

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