I’m back- sort of—

Thanks for all the well wishes- sometimes the “cure” is worse than the disease! The injection site is very sore- and no immediate improvement in the pins and needles in my legs (though the first two injections got the sensation to recede from going from Knees all the way down both legs to about two inches abouve the ankles- so —)

I spent the day in bed watching Tee-Vee- and just knowing all my friends were over at Uppity’s having a field day on the Scott Brown story! When I saw the Harry Reid “unemployment cause an increase in wife beating” story I tried to leap out of bed cuz I knew UW’s fingers were a flyin! I will be around as I can to catch up and comment!

One short note- History Channel was running Hitler and Nazis all day yesterday- reminded me of the stories of my youth and how the Soviets would run old war movies when they were building up to a war footing— just thinking…….

Back to horizontal- I will try to stay awake for the “ram it down their throat” summit!


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  1. Be well, stay warm and if need be, take another day.

  2. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Slow but sure. Be careful now. No bed leaping!

    • LOL! It’s hard! Uppity will tell you how nosy I am! Always wanting to know and learn! Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing? Curiosity killed the cat? (but satisfaction brought him back!- I got smacked for that little come back when I was a kid)

  4. Thanks for watching the scamcare summit. I can’t stand that man lecturing to us.

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