We’ve been saved!!! (And Elvis is still alive!)

Did you catch the news??? The dear leader has saved us and the world from a second great depression! Your taxes were lowered! Did you get one of those 2 million jobs he created or saved??? WHOOPEEE!

One of these jobs perhaps????

Were those pricey Super Bowl ads a waste? Maybe not, but paying $3 million to census employees who didn’t do any work surely was.

_More than 10,000 census employees were paid more than $300 apiece to attend training for the massive address-canvassing effort, but they quit or were let go before they could perform any work. Cost: $3 million.

Or maybe the jobs saved and generated through all the traveling around trying to get Americans to drink the Kool-Aid again?

On Wednesday, the one-year anniversary of the stimulus signing, Obama administration officials will fan out to events across the country — hitting a total of 35 communities this week. There, they will hold meetings and events with governors, mayors and members of Congress. They will hit more than half the states in the union in the media blitz, and likely generate miles of column inches in local newspapers across the country about stimulus projects in each region.

Well this says how well that is going over!

From Michael Steel, John Boehner’s spokesman:

“Folks, for the sake of comparison, when you’re reading about the White House’s new ‘stimulus’ report, please bear in mind that more Americans believe that Elvis Presley is still alive than that the ‘stimulus’ has created jobs.

• A recent NYT/CBS News poll (#19) reported only 6 percent of Americans believe the stimulus has created jobs.
• Meanwhile, when CBS News polled Americans in 2002 on the 25th anniversary of his death, 7 percent thought Elvis was still alive.”

If anybody can find a link to the actual poll I would love to see it!


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  1. Wow, all those charts must be wrong then, huh?

  2. Now, I beg to differ. My job as housewife has been saved by not being able to find a job outside the house.

    I’ve been saved!!!!

    Check it out proudmiltitarymom…I got my ashes. How do they look? +:-)

    • Nunly! ROFL! So how’s that job working out? Do you at least get the Acorn minimum?

      Love your ashes!

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