From the BBC news-

Afghanistan Taliban ‘using human shields’ – general

And guess who these bastards are using as shields?? I’ll wait while you think about it.

Gen Mohiudin Ghori said his soldiers had seen Taliban fighters placing women and children on the roofs of buildings and firing from behind them.

And of course they are also hiding in homes and mosques- supposed house of worship.  Great, just F*#*ing great! These sorry excuses for human beings place so little value on their woman and children that they hide behind them!

What are our troops supposed to do? After all, our troops have an aversion to killing innocent civilians- unlike these Islamofascist pigs who delight in flying airplanes into buildings and killing thousands of innocents. How do you fight these bastards?

And our puppet president is on Tee-Vee talking about how great he is, how great the stimulus is, how horrible his opponents are. Anything on cowards hiding behind women and children??? Anything??? What should I expect from an administration that thinks it can extend the hand of peace to these maniacs?


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  1. Not surprising. It is a shame that the president’s reach out and talk to terrorists has not seemed to work–duh.

  2. Are they women and children being used as shields? I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the first in line PMM. Why these people are breathing is senseless to me. 😦

    • Women and children- correct! And barky has nominated an ambassador to Syria- how is all that nicey nice working out for everybody?
      I have an idea- How about NO AID of any kind to any nation over there until they get the Islamofascists under control???

  3. Cowards is an understatement. There is a special place that awaits those too weak to do their own immoral “work.”

    They obviously have a lot of time on their hands.

    Idle hands are the workplace of the devil.

    There are many positive things they could be doing, but instead choose to follow a path that is simply wrong.

    • It just makes me fume- oilsoc is busy sending arms to Egypt and all over the Middle East- for what? So they can shoot at our troops? While hiding behind their women and children?

  4. Obama is clueless…he has no idea what to do about this mess. He cow-tows to those Taliban scum and tries to reason with them. You can’t reason with cowardly scumbags. I guess Obama thinks the Taliban is just letting the women and children have a front row seat to the fireworks show.

    • oilsoc has decided that we should kiss and make up with Syria too- they are getting an ambassador-
      Great- make friends with the lesser bully (Syria) to try and piss off the bigger bully (Iran)
      We send a guy over to talk to them- and right away they are screaming to the news about Israel being the aggressor in the region.
      So- already they are trying to undermine our allies-
      He just does not get it!
      But hey- what does oilsoc care- it’s only wimminz and children.

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