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First stop of course was Uppity Woman , She has a great piece on a woman bashing pig- go read, get in on the conversation!Ther are many things I love about  Uppity Woman’s blog – the writing is always great, I get lots of my news from her sidebars- but the atmosphere there is like family. All are welcome (trolls get beatings before they are dumped into cyber hell) adn the commenters there are witty, articulate, know the issues and always friendly to newcomers.

Next article I ran across was this-

The Clinton Voters Jump Ship

Obama’s shrinking base.

I am not sure the writer made his case as well as he could, but Clinton voters will get it. Not something we needed to be told- just tickled me becuase it takes so long for the MSM and the politicians to catch up.

DC might not get it- but some states do-

President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats may be stymied in their drive for health care reform. But state lawmakers in at least three dozen states are pushing ahead with a series of measures aimed at pre-empting whatever might come out of Washington.

So roam around, check out the news, stay on top of things. The MSM won’t tell you, the government doesn’t WANT to tell you! But the information is out there!
I am off to have an epidural injection in the L5-S1 area- so might not be around for a few days- or maybe I will? Who knows! See you when I get back!

2 Responses

  1. Good advice–voters should educate themselves. Listening to some folks around me, I just can’t believe their sole source of “news” is from NBC.

  2. I linked to Uppity this morning, too. She has a great writing style, I just love her stuff.

    Regarding Obama and his shrinking polls, I hope that the more visible he makes himself on TV the more people will realize what an empty suit he really is. I have no doubt that he will always carry about 35% of the voters because that’s the norm, no matter how bad politicians are. I think they are the 35% who just can’t admit they made a mistake..it’s an ego thing.

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