Oh Poor babies!

Ran across this today-

White House press corps feels bypassed by Obama in favor of TV shows, YouTube

Sorry- I am so not feeling any pain for the MSM. You guys put him there- deal with it! Sorry the guy YOU pushed on the electorate, the guy you didn’t vet, the guy whose radical associates you blew off as unimportant isn’t playing your game.

Had you done your JOBS, yah know- JOURNALISM- you would have seen this coming. Isn’t this the President you guys wanted? So cool, so 21st century, post-partisan, post-racial, so shiny and new?

Well. I guess he is also “Post-Press corps” (pronounced core- not corpse!)

What? you expected him to dance with the one who brought him to the party?????

In the words of my Nana- be careful what you pray for- you might get it!



5 Responses

  1. Well said–I have no sympathy either for them.

  2. Don’t ya love it when their hypocrisy comes back to bite them in the ass?

    This morning as I was flipping through channels, I saw a commercial on MSNBC with Tingle-Me-Chris Matthews talking about the importance of “getting the story right” and what it means to be a good journalist. Honestly, it made me ill…that guy talking about journalistic integrity as if he had any.

  3. As it should be.

  4. The man dances with no one, not even the ones that “brung” him. (But you can catch him riding his bike in Hyde Park – for a photo op)

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