Which way do I go????

Well, the Pa state Democratic Party machine endorsed the turncoat Specter. Now what? I am certainly not voting for him! Changed parties because he was afraid he couldn’t win re-election as a Republican. Mind you, as far as I know this is not the first party switch for the old fart. I could put in a bunch of clichés, but why bother? I think he made a huge mistake given the results of recent races in other states- the Dems are not so popular right now- and people are sick of Specter anyway.

So- what are the choices??? Here is the list I found at Politics1


Arlen Specter (D)* – (Campaign Site)
Michael Lamb (D) – Pittsburgh City Controller

Mike Mentzer (D) – HVAC Contractor & Navy Veteran
Joe Sestak (D) – Congressman & Retired Navy Admiral
Joe Vodvarka (D) – Machinist & ’04 Candidate
Wendell Banks (R) – Minister & Frequent Candidate
John Kensinger (R) – Pharmacist & ’01/’02 US Rep. Candidate
Peg Luksik (R) – Conservative Activist, Businesswoman & Frequent Candidate
Larry Murphy (R) – Businessman
Pat Toomey (R) – Ex-Congressman, Club for Growth President, Businessman & ’04 Candidate
Robert Townsend (R) – Retired Police Officer & Navy Veteran
Mike Yilit (Indep. American) – Pastoral Degree Student & Construction Worker

I noticed there is ONE woman running- but I went and looked at her web page- she is anti-choice- so not for me. What’s left? Men with the same old, same old. I haven’t had time to look through them all- but not holding out hope for finding anything new. About all I know at this point is I am NOT voting for Specter.

There is a LOT going on in PA this cycle- but again- no female candidate for Governor. There are two women, one Dem, one Rep running for Lt. Gov.

Am I specifically looking for female candidates? You bet I am! I am sick to death of government run by the men, for the men. If I can’t find a woman to back, then I will look at the males, but all bets are off. If I can not find a candidate who will represent me- then I just won’t vote. I am not going to settle or as Uppity Woman says- “hold my nose.”

As some of you may know- I live on the main drag in and out of our little town. Hence I get pleas every election cycle for space for signs. I ran off the Democratic Party co-coordinator who wanted to take my Hillary signs and replace them with signs for the appointed one.  Right now I am considering putting up a hand-made sign expressing my discontent, anger, disgust, fury at the system that discounts our wishes and takes our votes for granted.

Leave your sign suggestions in the comments please!


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  1. I say do what any one of them will do if elected. Sell your sign space to the highest bidder.

    • Now there’s an idea! Wonder if I could get a small business loan from oilsoc for that?

  2. ……and sell your vote, just like they would do.

    Only sell them separately. Like assessories.

    • Yet another small business! Shall I get some advice from ACORN on what the code is for that?

  3. I think you should put up your Hillary signs….or you can put a sign up that says, “Anyone but Specter”

    • Maybe I will blow up the “Don’t blame me I voted for Hillary” sign! Really stick it to em! My county went for Hillary in a big way- and then turned bright red in the general. Course we are a bunch of hicks out here, clinging to our guns, our religion – oh and OUR FREEDOM!

  4. Vote Yilit you’ll like me, I’m mean and my son is a Marine ,you vote for how you want to just make sure your LOUD if you don’t vote whats the use? I’m running because I can’t take this crap .My wife and I lost everything because of bureaucrats S.O.B.zz You put up what YOU want!!! don’t sell out

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