Bring back civics classes! UPDATED

Remember civics? Usually taken in ninth or tenth grade – it was a class that taught the basics of our governmental system. Of course, that was in the day when parents and school committees set the curriculum and students did not get to pick and choose other than shop/homec or chorus/band.

Civics classes went along with history classes. American History, world history, civics. Of course, children were also taught from kindergarten on that America was a great country and learned about the people who made it all possible. From Myles Standish to George Washington, Betsy Ross and Abigail Adams. Grade by grade we learned more and more of our history and the people who formed our great nation.

Today? It seems that civics is gone and American History has been re-written by those who would portray our country in less than favorable terms. Our children no longer learn what a privilege is it to be an American! Oh to be sure there are things our country needs to work on- Equal Rights for one- but show me any other country that has done so much for so many! Are people fleeing America to go and become citizens of Cuba? Russia? China? Iran? France?

Bring back Civics classes. Where our children learn what their duty is in the governing of our great nation! Teach them once again how to gather the information necessary to cast an informed vote. Teach them that voting is a right, a responsibility and their duty as citizens of the greatest country on Earth. Teach them that if they do not exercise their freedom to vote they are in grave danger of losing all their freedoms!

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” — Abraham Lincoln

Try this quiz and see how you score!

Out of 2,508 surveyed, 1,791 failed! Now what does that say about the education of future voters in this country? All persons applying for citizenship must take and pass with 80% a citizenship test! Yet we do not require natural-born citizens to learn the same????


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  1. Yes I remember. And while they are at it, they should start teaching ethics, considering the statistics on how many kids think cheating is just fine.

    • ETHICS! Yes, I remember ethics- nowadays what we used to call cheating is called “teamwork” modeled on the Japanese system. And we know how independence and independent thinking are valued there!

      I remember my oldest taking a class in high school. They posed the kids a hypothetical question- “A man’s wife has cancer, they are poor. Is it ok for the man to rob the pharmacy.” My sons’ answer was absolutely not- stealing is wrong- PERIOD! The teacher failed him! The lesson was supposed to teach the children that we must never judge because what is right and wrong for you and I may not apply to another! That was the first but not the last time I went head to head with schools! Sorry- there are laws in this country and they (should) apply equally to all!

      I do not believe parents should routinely interfere between children and parents but I made an exception on that one. (After I got done with them, he passed.)

  2. Besides, they WANT our kids dumbed down.

    • So what are we to do? I taught my kids what they needed to know and make every effort to teach folks wherever I work. Can’t influence curriculum- between the unions and “No child left behind” parents and citizens have no say in what they teach. Teachers are teaching to the slowest kids and are teaching their students how to take and pass the government imposed tests.
      Guess it is up to us a citizens, parents, grandparents and bloggers to make sure the information is out there!.

      • We can see as time goes on that more and more parents are abandoning public schools. Expect it to accelerate. I will eventually be an epiphany for the school systems to cut the crap, stop telling our kids what to think and focus on the real purpose of school, leave the social indoctrination to the parents. It’s getting very late. Parents are showing them they mean business by Walking Out with their kids. I tell you if I had a child in school today I would make every sacrifice possible to send him or her to a private school. And I’m an ex teacher.

        • AMEN! And Uppity- you still teach on a daily basis- in every one of your blog posts- and without interference from the guvmint!

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