The Big rats are jumping ship!

Just saw a blurb on Yahoo news that the CEOs want the Congress to stop asking them for money for campaigns.

“Members of Congress already spend too much time raising money from large contributors,” the business executives’ letter says. “And often, many of us individually are on the receiving end of solicitation phone calls from members of Congress. With additional money flowing into the system due to the court’s decision, the fundraising pressure on members of Congress will only increase.”

What? The CEO’s think Congress takes too much and are upset with the SC decision on campaign finance reform? They don’t like getting phone calls from the candidates?? Well isn’t this rich???


Cheese and Rice! They don’t want fund-raising calls? A little late now to complain that Congress spends too much time raising money for campaigns! I saw in the list one bank and one insurance company. Hopefully somebody with better snooping talents can get the whole list of signatories to this letter. Maybe there are some companies with ethics?

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