A New Shot heard round the world?

Ok Ok I know- I haven’t written in forever- it’s been a long long year- more about that in another post. I watched and followed the MA special election- and no matter how “The Party” wants to spin it- this election was a referendum on Obama and his policies. Another good woman loses because “The Party” refuses to listen to the voters.

So here’s a quick little poem to express my feelings on the whole debacle- inspired by Longfellow’s “Paul Revere’s Ride.” I believe the voters of MA have woken up! True to their history of patriotism they have sent a shot we can only hope is heard at least in Washington, if not round the world!

Listen my friends, a story I’ll explain,

How Bay Staters their freedoms fought to regain.

Ted and John brought an unknown to the floor in 04,

They planned even then, to slam freedom’s door.

Bay Staters picked Hillary in 08.

But Teddy and John backed their own candidate.

In lockstep with Dean, Axelrod and Brazile,

The elitists said “NAY” to the citizens will.

“We don’t want a woman! No matter how great!”

“We must find a way to steal delegates.!”

They conspired and strong-armed, using thugs from Chi-Town,

used despicable tactics to tear Hillary down.

Sadly, they won, the voters were fools,

and then they swore in their own personal tool.

The economy in ruin, lobbyists still held sway,

And the tool just kept making the citizens pay.

In August old Teddy was finally gone,

The race for his seat? Conclusion foregone!

Three men and one woman the primary ran,

Bay Staters of course picked the woman again!

Right up to the end, Martha ran in the lead,

But the Dem leadership failed the voters to heed.

The voters were sick of their bribes and their deals,

And sent a message designed to make their heads reel.

They turned down the woman, the message to send,

Deaf, dumb and blind rule will come to an end!

The Party will try to turn it around,

Spin it “All Martha’s Fault, ” run her into the ground.

The voters know better! Hope and Change  was a lie!

Your rotten agenda is destined to die!

I sincerely hope that yesterday’s election signals a sea change in the political climate in this country. We have something precious here in America, something we can lose very easily if “we the people” don’t retake control of our government. Let’s make sure Martha’s loss is not in vain!


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  1. Loved your poem PMM! Well done.

    And I’m thrilled to see you are back, you’ve been dearly missed. I myself took a long, long, break from commenting on blogs but have recently started to drop one here and there again.

    Hope we can catch up soon…

    • SHEZ! Long long time- Mom had a stroke, I tore a disc in my back- I am trying to change my avatar- ARRGH! You found me quick!

  2. Great poem PMM ! Sorry to hear avout your Mom and your back…..

    Shez is that the Shez I know? lol miseed you too.

  3. gee whiz

    avout = about

    miseed = missed

    back to school for me!

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