Sarah Fights Back against the Blogger’s in their Parent’s Basements!

I was listening and chatting on BTR last night and had Fox News on in the living room. At one point I ran out to the kitchen and on the way back caught a snippet of Greta Van Susteren’s interview with Governor Palin. The little bit I caught was enough to make me go hunting the video this morning! Greta and the Governor were discussing the whole brouhaha over her clothing and the nasty rumours regarding her debate prep. At the very end Greta asks if there is anything else that the Governor found disturbing. The Governor makes reference to “bloggers in their pajamas in their parent’s basements.” I like this woman more and more! The specific bit is near the end of the clip at around the 8:40 mark.


Watch the full interview in four parts at Fox News! Well worth it!

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