What was in those envelopes?????

I worked as an election official yesterday at a small precint in our county (901 registered voters.) I was amazed and disgusted by the number of voters who required assistance to complete their ballots. There were numerous folks who claimed to be unable to read and many mentally challenged individuals. There was one common thread- every one of these folks came in with an envelope on the back of which was written “President- Barack Obama.” Many of them tried to tell election officials that had to vote for “this one” while pointing at their envelopes. What a nightmare!


When a voter asks for assistance, there is a form that must be filled out. An election worker of the opposing party must witness the process and all involved, the election judge, the poll worker and the voter, must sign the paperwork. Some of these people could not even write their names! More paperwork!


Anybody want to make a conjecture on what was IN those envelopes?????


Made no difference in my county anyway- Obama lost by a considerable margin. Not enough to save our country- but enough to let me know some of us are still sane!


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  1. Hi PMM,

    I am so glad to see you post on-line again. In the last post I saw from you on Uppity’s website, you said that you had been sick. Not seeing you post recently had me worried, so I was relieved to see you post there again today.

    PS Not sure if you remember me – I used to be EJ in PA & met you at the DNCC Platform Committee meeting.

    I’m stunned by the election results & not really sure what to do next. I believe that the PUMAs did have an effect. IMO, the R’s dropped the ball by not supporting their candidate enough.

    Glad to see you are up and running.

  2. lipstick, you’re right about Repubs crossing over. I called one sheet of Repubs yesterday. Reached one live person. She said she and her hubby had already voted early…for Obama.

    There had been others who said the same thing last week. It beats me how anyone who called herself a “Republican” could vote for Barack Obama.

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