A Real Live Heroine! Updated at bottom

Perusing the various news gathering sites today I came across the following in the Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_10170139 

Explain, Dems tell Clinton delegate

E-mail challenges Clinton backer; she wonders where free speech went

I am impressed! According to the article Sasha Millstone, a Hillary delegate from Boulder Co received the following e-mail from  Billy Compton, state political director of the Colorado Democratic Party,

“You are hereby directed to come in to the party Headquarters and explain your comments and why you should remain a national delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in light of these comments,” the letter said.

Apparently another delegate was offended by alleged remarks made by MS. Millstone regarding Obama. Sasha is one smart woman- she got a lawyer involved! She knows when her rights are being infringed upon!. The author quotes Ms. Millstone

‘Isn’t there a right to free speech? Isn’t this right in line with our time-honored tradition with the Dems?” she said. “These intimidation tactics have a chilling effect on people feeling comfortable speaking up.”  

Good for her! And Kudos to the attorney for asking to see the rules that would allow the party to threaten her removal! This article is a must read! Two more delegates from Colorado are quoted in the article and both are- shall we say – less than thrilled with the intimidation tactics.

The author tells us “the matter has been dropped.” Sasha Millstone I salute you for refusing to give in and for standing up for Democracy! Stay Strong! you are a true American Heroine!


After posting this I popped over to The Confluence and saw this article by Katiebird http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/08/12/delegate-intimidation-at-the-democratic-convention/

Katiebird directs us to yet another place where this is covered- http://www.thedenverchannel.com/call7investigators/17163668/detail.html

There is a bit more detail in the TV piece and some additional quotations from Ms Millstone. Katiebird also reminds us of Debra Bartoshevich a Wisconsin Hillary Delegate who lost her credentials. Thanks katiebird for the heads up to the Denver Channel piece. Nice to see that some journalists still try and get the truth out!


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  1. And thanks for the link! It’s heart warming to see how quickly word can spread when we share information.

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  3. We should be so ashamed of ourselves for allowing this sort of behavior to continue into the21st century!
    Sasha Millstone you are a Hero! I thank You for your bravery and pray other women will follow your lead!! But still Sasha is another victim of the Bullying going on since Obama got into the race. If Obama wins by this continuious threatening of his and his dogs, then we are in for far worse than anything G.W. Bush has done! I am so sick of Black America scaring everyone with their racial threats! Most of us just want people to be people! No divides! Just get along and quit hurting!!
    I pray that every female delegate gets a call from God before the voting takes place-reminding all of their human right to equality and respect!

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