We Have Been Bamboozled (Again) (Updated)

Updated- let me state for the record that I understand that candidates do publish policy books to get the platform out to the public and showcase their policies, both President Clinton and President Bush did so.  My outrage is due to the fact that IMHO the public was misled when the DNC and the Obama campaign invited the voters to meetings to give their input into the platform. The platform itself of course is not book length and the book will cover other aspects of the campaign.

From the DNC’s website

“More than 1,600 listening sessions took place in communities in all 50 states. Nearly 30,000 Americans from all walks of life participated. And these voices are now included in our Party’s Platform. We’d like to thank our hardworking staff, and the members of the Platform Drafting Committee and the full Platform Committee for their efforts to make our Party’s platform a document that’s truly reflective of the Democratic Party’s values and priorities for the American people.  http://www.democrats.org/a/2008/08/democratic_part_13.php

In particular I find it very hard to believe that “these voices are now included in our Party’s platform” when the book and the policy it contains are scheduled for publication in early September. Just Sayin.


BAMBOOZLED! I said in yesterday’s post that the platform committee meeting was a rubber stamping ceremony and I am proven correct today. In my morning perusal of the news on the net I came across an article at Fox news entitled “New Obama Book About Campaign Platform to be Released Next Month.” http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/08/11/new-obama-book-about-campaign-platform-to-be-released-next-month/ 

I tracked over to Politico for an article by Mike Allen http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0808/12432.html entitled “New Obama Book Coming this Fall.”  Now this is rich folks, just rich. Title of the selectee’s book?? 

“Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise”

  Title of the draft platform document rubber stamped on Saturday with no dissent allowed?

Renewing America’s Promise

 Allen tells us “The secret project……was launched just a month ago, and got to the printer with no leaks.”


Ok, so if the project was launched a month ago how long has it actually been in the works? And what the hell was the point of asking for input from the public on the platform if the damn book had already been written? I wonder how all those folks who took precious time out of their lives to go and give input into the paltform will feel when they find out that the platform was written and sent to the publisher before the meetings ever took place? Bamboozled I say! Hoodwinked! The damn thing was already written and gone to the publishers and the whole input from the voters thing was just a feel good exercise to try and convince the unsuspecting dupes that the Obama camapaign actually listens to the people.

Allen says Obama wrote the foreword and campaign staffers wrote the policy sections. Now I see why our amendment was declared “out of order.” What a nuisance if the publisher had to reset all that type to include the voice of the people. In this brave new world only one voice is allowed, only one message is to be heard. No dissent will be recognized, nothing must interfere with the best selling author turned presidential pretender’s next big hit.

Vanity- thy name is Obama.

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  1. The DNC’s concept of unity is a one voice party very similar to communist and other totalitarian regimes. It is akin to heresy in a democracy. A coup in fact.

  2. Holy crap. I despise these people more by the second. No wonder his name showed up in the so called “Platform Draft” at least twice. What a charade.

    I hope the PUMA sites are jumping on this. Between throwing women under the bus on nearly the last page and the bull with the caucuses, and Goddess knows what else they are lying about, this needs to be addressed. Yoo hooo calling JSND: we need a press release put out.

  3. I am not surprised by anything I find out from the Obama campaign. I did not chose to participate in the platform meetings because I thought we were just going to get ignored again. I am more interested in the party I plan to actually support. I do not see much UNITY in that effort.

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  5. I told fellow Puma’s that all of these solicitations by groups like WomenCount.Pac for input on the platform were a sham. If Obama, his supporters and the DNC had any real interest in Democracy, unifying the country and fixing its problems-there is no way he would have ever pushed as the nominee.

  6. What a despicable excuse for a candidate. What a fascistic way of pretending to entertain the input of the voters, and what a cynical eradication of the democratic process.

    One has to ask, “WHO IS THIS GUY??!”, that so facilely steamrolls over voters’ rights and democratic principle with a bus so filled with lies as to smoke itself out of existence before he is even nominated??

    SHAME on this SHAM, and SHAM on Obama for such blatant, mob style tactics and disregard for the American Public.

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  8. I warned Women Count that they were being used
    when theY asked women to give input into the DNC platform…..truthfully i was surprised and saddened that they could be bambozzled so easily…

  9. Smoke and Mirrors and are old news – now they just lie right to our faces. Where or where has Democracy gone?
    Today Gov Rendell Strong armed the Delegates in writing — telling them not to sign the petition to put Hillary’s Nme in Nomination! When will we rise up and say enough is enough?

    Are we ready to march on Denver yet?

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