Platform Committee Meeting first post

This is in the window at the Hotel

This is in the window at the Hotel

More Pumas

More Pumas

Pumas at the platform meeting

Pumas at the platform meeting


So here we are at the Convention Center in Pittsburgh. I met up with these nice folks. I won’t give out their names, but if you are reading you can identify yourself in the comments if you care to do so.

And how do you like that PUMA in the window? Imagine- the committee members walked by that every time they came out of the hotel to walk over to the conference center.

There was a PUMA protest outside before the meeting and again at the lunch break. I was interviewed by McClatchey News Service reporter and my local paper picked it up over the wires and there was a message waiting for me when I got home. Oh Oh! I spoke to the reporters about the caucus system, how it is unfair to the elderly, the disabled, shift workers, young parents.  I gave my opinion that 2000 votes should not have the same weight as 2,000,000.


I can not post all this at once, but wanted to give some basic impressions. I saw Howard Dean and he isn’t looking like he feels too well. He is VERY THIN, something must be wearing him down. He came out of the elevator with no make-up on and the man looks like death warmed over. SKINNY! About 40 pounds lighter than what he looks like on TV. Gosh, he looks worried about something.


Well folks, it’s official – we got screwed on the amendment re the caucuses. Seems they decided there would be no unseemly debates and shows of dis-unity. NO NO NO!!!! the caucuses were deemed to be not in the purview of the Platform Committee and so were ruled “Out of Order.” I do have it on video that the matter is being looked at by the “Roolz” Committee. HAH- that’s going really far now isn’t it???


I am going to get a bite to eat and get my thoughts in order. More later! And maybe some kind soul will tell me how to get the video from my puter to the blog????


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  2. Thank you so very much, PMM, Gram. It was great to hear your voice on NQ. It is a beautiful thing what you are doing. I am so proud of you and honor you as a leader.

  3. the story of howard dean looking at the puma everytime he walked out is a story i’m going to repeat

  4. you rock! PMM

    thanks for making a stand for democracy!

  5. PMM, thanks for taking the time to go to the platform meeting and reporting back to the Hillarysphere. You’re an asset to Hillary and the PUMA movement.

    NObama ’08

  6. Thx-I love listening to you on the radio, too!!!!

  7. great post!! thanks for representing us at the meeting!!

  8. The Democrats punted on Universal Health Care too. This is fully and completely a left wing out of touch elitist controlled party. It resembles nothing I used to care about. Frankly I am glad they showed their true colors. It makes fighting them all the more enjoyable.

  9. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  10. Rally 5:30 PM Thursday August 14 Church Brew Works 3525 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15201 Howard Dean will be there, have your sign…

    P.S. Nail on them on the issues and like where is the birth certificate, no experience, No Farrakahn in The White House

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