The Democratic Schism

Listening last night to DC Media Girl on blog talk radio I heard a comment that struck me and I had to call in and discuss it. It was said on the show that the Democratic party is in schism. What an apropos way of describing what is going on today with the PUMA movement vs the DNC.!

Merriam Webster’s on line dictionary defines ‘schism’ thus-

Main Entry: schism
Pronunciation: \ˈsi-zəm, ˈski- also ˈshi-; among clergy usually ˈsi-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English scisme, from Anglo-French scisme, cisme, from Late Latin schismat-, schisma, from Greek, cleft, division, from schizein to split — more at shed
Date: 14th century
1: division, separation; also : discord, disharmony
2 a: formal division in or separation from a church or religious body b: the offense of promoting schism

Schism- division or separation- discord, disharmony. Very apt description of the crisis in the Democratic party. In researching for this blog entry it became apparent to me that is even more appropriate than I had first thought. I began with a re-examination of the facts behind the “Great Schism” which divided the Western, Roman, Catholic church from the Eastern, Orthodox church.

Adrian Fortescue writes at

a concise article about the cause of the Great Schism. Fortescue rightly explains that the separation was not a sudden event;

rather the result of a very gradual process.

The article goes on to give a brief explanation of the hierarchy of the ancient church and the conflict between the Bishop of Rome and his adherents and the Bishop or Patriarch of Constantinople. Now dear reader, please be advised if you click on the above link and read the article, it is written from the perspective of the Roman Church. Nevertheless, it is informative for my purposes for one can see in the claims of the Roman Church much which is akin to how we are categorized by the DNC.

For example,

So we arrive at the essential consideration in this question. The Eastern Schism was not a movement arising in all the East; it was not a quarrel between two large bodies; it was essentially the rebellion of one see, Constantinople, which by the emperor’s favour had already acquired such influence that it was able unhappily to drag the other patriarchs into schism with it.

Do you see the similarity? The DNC desires to marginalize us because they are deathly afraid that we will take others with us. Dean and his media dogs tell all who will listen that the party is not divided, it is only one group causing all the problems. They had best read their history and understand that we are not one small group; we are a substantial portion of the Democratic base as the Eastern Church was and IS to this day a substantial portion of Chrstianity. Fortescue ends with this

There is no humiliation in retracing one’s steps when one has wandered down a mistaken road because of long-forgotten personal quarrels. They too must see how disastrous to the common cause is the scandal of the division. They too must wish to put an end to so crying an evil. And if they really wish it the way need not be difficult. For, indeed, after nine centuries of schism we may realize on both sides that it is not only the greatest it is also the most superfluous evil in Christendom.

Has the DNC taken a page from this book? Do you recognize the call to Unity in the statement above? “How disastrous to the common cause is the scandal of division”??? And yet, here we are all these centuries later and the schism persists. And what is it all really about? Unity? I think not! It is, in the end, about power, absolute power. The Eastern Church refuses to recognze the Pope as the ultimate authority and the Roman Church refuses to cede its pride of place.

It has been gradual and goes back some years. Voters are disgusted with elected officials who ignore their constituents once they gain office. We watched as the Republicans committed armed robbery writ big in 2000 and again we watched as the Ohio votes in 2004 were rigged for the pre-selected outcome. Still it comes as a surprise to Dean and company that the PUMA movement rises up and refuses to fall in line. We refuse to validate them in their attempt to seize what is not rightly theirs. We Just Say No Deal!

We PUMAs refuse to recognize Howard Dean and Barack Obama as the absolute power. We know that the power vested in ANY political body comes from US- the voters. When Howard Dean hand selected Obama he betrayed our trust. When the Super Delegates scrambled on to the Obama gravy train, in direct opposition to the expressed will of the voters of their districts, they betrayed us. Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the power mongerers have created in the Democratic Party, a cleft, a division, a separation between those of us who adhere to the Democratic principles of one person, one vote, and those who would impose their will on us. As the Roman Church will not give in on the issue of the Bishop of Rome being the Supreme Pontiff the DNC will not give in on Party Unity. They create a great divide that may last generations.

Now they are trying to marginalize us. We are called racists and Republicans. Some have had threats of bodily harm. We are ridiculed and repudiated for standing up for what is right, for our RIGHTS! Dean and company surely know what is coming. They know we are right and that this split in the party is going to mean a loss for the Democratic Party in November and a humiliating loss it will be. Dean and his henchmen and women deserve the loss of personal power and influence that will come along with the November defeat.

We will not unite! We will not condone the usurpation of the power that belongs to us- the voters. If Schism is the price we must pay to get our party and our country back, so be it. It is a heavy price, but one that is worth paying.

Watch for the follow up post where-in I delve into what the Church did to Martin Luther when he protested selling Heaven!

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