PUMA’s Declaration of Objections

Declaration of Objections- A must read for all PUMAs

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  1. Sign the Petition — Stop Congressional Leaders From Censoring Communication Between Representatives and the American People

    Congressional Democratic leaders, who promised in 2006 to create a more “open” government, are now proposing a new rule that would prevent Members of Congress from using the Internet to communicate with the American people unless the Web site they are using has been “approved” by a panel responsible for creating internal House rules.
    Millions of Americans, and hundreds of Representatives — including myself — use video-sharing Web sites like YouTube, social networking sites like Facebook, personal blogs, and online community sites like RedState.com and The Next Right to keep track of what is going on in Congress, to provide constituents with information and insight, and to build and foster communication between elected representatives and the American people.
    Limiting our contact with you the people, and vice versa, only serves to make government more secretive and less transparent – which is the exact opposite of what the Democratic leadership promised to do when elected.
    Please take a moment to sign the petition below. You can also embed the widget seen above on your own Web site by going to the bottom of this post on my blog and copying the code.
    Help send a message to the Congressional leadership that preventing elected representatives from communicating with the American people will not stand.

    Mike Conaway

    Congressman, TX-11

    Sign the Petition Below

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    First Name: * 
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    Email Address: * 
    Phone Number: 
    City, State: 
    Zip Code: 

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