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For those who loved Alegre. Knowvox, New Hampster, Campskunk, Girlpatriot and lots of others at MyDD. check it out- Alegre has a site now!
Lots of old and new friends there- all with one thing in common- we all are Hillary supporters who haven’t gone over to the dark side!
I had a link to the site, but this blog has been attacked again and for some reason, the link to Alegre’s Corner is the one thing the hacker trashed! That alone should tell you to click on over and say Hi!

Alegre's Corner


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  1. Hey SuperGram – thanks for the kind words! Campskunk found your post and I wanted to stop by and say hey.

    We’ll add your blog to our blogroll – keep up the great work, and stop by to sign up for an account folks.

    For Hillary!
    Alegre 🙂

  2. heh! that’s funny. as we say down here, it’s a bit dog that howls. strange how the blogger boyz are so worried about their candidate winning that they’ll do anything to prevent it. last candidate i saw this desperate was nixon in ’72.

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