-Going along all these months reading the various news and blog sites I have seen the comments of the trolls and wondered about the term ‘Obots.’ Where did it come from and what does it signify?
With the recent spell of hot weather we have had the annual influx of various flying pests that come with farm life. The horses attract numerous varieties of obnoxious winged insects and one of the most nefarious is- are you ready- the BOT fly!
Nasty, nasty creatures, bot flies. They are very large, about the size of a bumble bee. In order to reproduce they lay eggs on the horses hairs, which the horses ingest. Once ingested, the eggs become parasites living in the horse.
Researching the Bot fly yesterday I found to my horror that there is a particular species that invades humans! YUCK! It immediately came to me why the expression ‘bots’ is used to describe the trolls that invade every blog supporting Free Speech, Democratic Principles and especially those that support Hillary Clinton. Nasty, nasty, parasitic beings. Incapable of building their own homes like honey bees and ants, the bots invade a host. Completely useless and capable only of causing pain and discomfort to the host.

I will not subject the dear readers to any of the video showing the effects of these vile creatures- Google the term ‘human bot fly’ if you want to be completely grossed out.
Keep plenty of repellent on hand- in the case of the new species -the Common Obot- a very effective repellent is facts. Most all bots will flee a blog as soon as facts are introduced. The most aggressive bots will require a strong insecticide, comment moderation and banning of IP addresses are most effective!


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  1. Facts are our friends!

    A funny read. And strangely very true.

  2. Very nice!!

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