Make Way for the King! Stand Aside!

I followed a link at No Quarter to an article by John Heilemann entitled “The Fall and Rise of Hillary Clinton.” The article is an interesting take on what Hillary has gained in ‘losing’ the nomination. (Note- she has NOT lost, there is no nominee until the delegates vote in Denver- anything can happen between now and then- like common sense breaking out!)
When I clicked on the link, I certainly did not expect to see on the first page of the article the following quote-

When the chat is over and the nominee strides toward the freight elevator to make his exit, his Secret Service agents brusquely shoo away Clinton’s aides: “Stand aside for Senator Obama! Make way for Senator Obama!”

Whoa! Now what is that all about? I have been to my fair share of political events- rallies, protests, town hall meetings and legislative hearings and never, not once, has a politician been treated like royalty. This is, after all, the United States of America and even politicians are, after all is said and done, just Americans. Sure, the Secret Service has a job to do protecting the selectee, but this is beyond the pale. Make way???? What in God’s name do people think Obama is- the king? Reality check people- Obama is nothing but another politician running for office. Stand aside??? STAND ASIDE?????? Well given that the DNC, the bots and the media have been screaming and screeching for Hillary to step aside for months now I can see where the guards got the idea.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! This is a farce! Coward Dean hand picks the least electable candidate in American history and the DNC by way of “THE RULES” committee anoints him! If it wasn’t so scary it would be laughable!

Only one problem Mr. Dean (and you too Barky!) See, there are whole lot of us “bitter” type voters who WILL NOT stand aside or make way for an illegitimate candidate. Nope, I will not “stand aside”, nor will I “make way.” I am standing up for my country, for my candidate. I am standing in your way, Sen. Obama and there are millions of us. Annoying, us peasants, aren’t we?? Especially when we believe in Democracy, the kind of Democracy where every vote counts. We are not as “low-information” as you and the press like to paint us.

We have the information, sirs, as does the RNC. We know who you are and what you are trying to do to our party and our country. We WILL NOT stand aside!



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  1. I LOVE your piece. You are so absolutely correct. And we are being treated like peasants. In fact, many of us are being treated like piss ants.

    The Monty Python skit is almost too appropriate. Scary, isn’t it. Thank you for your forceful voice and sense of humor.

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