He is the Selectee not the nominee

In all my wildest imaginings I never imagined that less than 24 hours after Hillary suspended her campaign some of her most ardent supporters would overdose on (as Pagan likes to put it) the Cult-Aide. I read and learned from a lot of these folks, they blogged and wrote and published diaries, they commented on various sites. These talented folks were fierce in their defense of Hillary as the best candidate and helped to bring the awful misogyny and outright lies of the Obots to light. These writers worked in place of the MSM which has forgotten journalism and deals in infotainment.
What the hell happened?? Overnight some of these Hillary supporters were transformed into Obots. Have the pod people taken over??? Did Santa miss my house when he made that special run to drop off all the back-ordered Unity Ponies???
WHOA- hold on, back the truck up! Not one single thing that we know about Barak Obama changed just because Hillary gave a speech! Sad, so sad. The very thing that many, many folks found disturbing in the bots- the mindless “following the leader” – is now being seen in rational, intelligent people who on Thursday and Friday were ABSOLUTELY convinced that Obama was NOT the nominee and that if nominated, he was not the legitimate candidate of the people.
Never having been a fan of mindless obedience to anybody, I spent these months of the primary researching the candidates so I could fulfill my civic obligation and cast an informed vote. What I found in Hillary was a candidate who embodied the Democratic ideals I value. What I found in Obama was the exact opposite.
The truth on Friday was that Obama has a very slim resume. He votes “present” more than he votes “yes” or “no,” he voted FOR the Bush/Cheney energy bill. In order to begin his public career, he used a series of technicalities to get all opponents kicked off the ballot so he could run unopposed. (For any former Hill supporters whose absorption into the Borg is not yet complete- FOCUS! PAY ATTENTION! You know all this- try to remember.) He is involved in a shady deal with a convicted felon by the name of Rezko. Said deal allowed Obama and his wife to buy a mansion they could not afford. (Is this getting past the Borg blocks? Remember Rezko? The guy who let tenants in Obama’s Illinois Senate district go without heat in the middle of a Chicago winter?) Try remembering this- Obama has a lunatic raving mad man pastor who rants- in church- G** D*** America. Same pastor accuses America of inventing Aids to infect the African American population. Surely you remember that Obama sat in that church for twenty years and denied ever hearing any of his pastor’s Black Liberation Theology sermons. You can do it- I know you can- remember- Jeremiah Wright- Obama threw him under the bus when his poll numbers started crashing.
Ok- let’s try an easy one, not too far in the past. Remember May 31st? The day the DNC and TEH RULES committee gave Obama 4 of Hillary’s delegates? You know, the day that the DNC decided that the people in Fl and MI were only half people? No? Let me refresh your memory. The Obama campaign surrogates blocked revotes in FL and MI to undermine Hillary’s momentum and to denigrate her and her supporters. On Friday, Obama was the “selected” not the nominee. He will never be the legitimate nominee.

So please people, I know it was dark and cold under the bus. Perhaps you were poisoned by the exhaust fumes. Breathe, breathe. NOTHING has changed- Obama is STILL the most unqualified candidate ever to run for the office of President of the United States of America. On Friday a good many of you were with us in our commitment to the truth, to intelligent decisions. Some of the best of you were very vocal in your derision of the mindless Bots who followed an empty promise. You wanted no part of the Unity Pony when it meant you had to compromise the party’s core principles- you MUST remember the core principle of COUNT EVERY VOTE!

The empty-suit is STILL an empty suit. Nothing has changed. Obama did not become qualified because Hillary was forced to suspend her campaign. All of the horrible things we know about Obama and his unelectablity are still real. There is no magic wand that can make it go away.

Nothing has changed! Obama is the hand picked puppet of the DNC and is still the most unqualified candidate ever to run for office.


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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems those of us who ‘think’ as oppose to ‘follow’ are immune to the paralyzing group think of Hillary’s opponent and his minions.

    To extend on the Borg/Star Trek vein – we do need to expose this charade of ‘togetherness now’ or ‘unity,’ before we are all assimilated into mass ignorance and blatant self-destruction of all decent and good of this nation. Make it so!

  2. You are just so completely right. Well thought out and presented argument for retaining our sanity. Thanks!

  3. Great post. Glad you’re still fighting

  4. I tollay agree. Maybe they were not hillary supporters to begin with, maybe they were Obots undercover. In any case i think that the rather quick trasformation from clinton to obama was utterly disrespectful. These type like obama are simply looking out for themself not the needs of our country. So to hell with the obama fools.

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