Voter Fraud committed by the DNC

The voter fraud committed yesterday by the DNC’s ROOLZ committee is being blogged to the max today. So many good posts, so little time. I caught the following post at Delilah Boyd’s blog- must read this! She relates the committee giving Obama votes NOT CAST for him, votes cast explicitly FOR Sen Clinton, to one of the most shameful incidents in American History- the Dredd Scott decision.

Delilah Boyd

Pagan Power has quite a few great posts on this issue and I hope they will appear here very shortly, but until then, please go to Pagan’s blog and read the article she wrote where she shows that a 1/2 vote is even worse than the 3/5 the slave owners were allowed to count for their representation.

More good reading can be found at “The Confluence” in particular, Riverdaughter’s amazing post-


As I said folks, the outrage is ALL over the net! Here’s a quote from my FAVORITE blogger Uppity Woman-

Barack Obama is the first first candidate to ever, in the history of America, be handed

1) votes that never occurred,

2) votes that were cast for someone else, and

3) delegates won by another candidate.

Barack Obama will forever and deservedly go down in history as the first Affirmative Action Candidate for the President of the United States. Too bad it doesn’t work that way in General Elections. In General Elections, the DNC doesn’t get to count people who didn’t vote and decide who they might have voted for if they had voted. That would be something a Marxist State would do.

In spite of Howard Dean’s fantasy that “This is the beginning of uniting the party,” it’s not gonna happen Howie..

You can read more about the evil bots and how they strong armed and bruised a voter at the “ROOLZ” hearing at Uppity’s blog

You Can Call Me UPPITY.: You Can Rough Us Up But If We Are Still Breathing We Will Vote!#links#links#links

Nope Mr. Dean, not gonna happen- forget Unity, forget us all coming together, no Kumbaya for you or for your minions.
We are Americans and try as you might to shove an unqualified fraud down our throats, the American people are not gonna buy the snake oil you’re selling.

See you in Denver you pigs!

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