Caucuses vs. Primaries : A Report – TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime

As Anglachelg says- RUN do not walk and read Jeralyn’s fabulous post. A report on how the caucuses have skewed the results of the primaries. (or in my words- how can it be the will of the majority when a minority rules???)
Hat tip to Anglachel for the link!

Caucuses vs. Primaries : A Report – TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime


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  1. Here’s my latest video, “American Idol Obama vs. Supergirl Clinton”

    It is about our “presumptive nominee” and why Clinton is a stronger candidate against John McCain.

    I would appreciate your support in publicizing the video on your blog, if you feel it is appropriate. If you do, can I request that you ask your readers go to youtube and RATE, COMMENT, and mark the video as a FAVORITE to help further promote the video.

    Thanks for your support.


  2. What’s so funny is how you racist snots try and present yourself as fighting for the rights of FL and MI when in fact hrc herself first SUPPORTED the DNC decision to penalize them. Of course, now she has changed her tune (how utterly suprising!) after realizing she is getting beat.

    Oh how bitter you will be to see a black in office, hahahaha! Go and join the hrc branch of the KKK you racist little crybabies.

    Obama in 2008, AND 2012!

  3. I just love the anonymous commenters. So little you knwo about me or my life.
    fact- My best friend throughout my school years is a bi-racial woman- we are still in touch- she has not and will not vote Obama- Hillary all the way.
    fact- The best man at my wedding is African American. Tell him I am a racist and you might get a whuppin.
    Oh, that’s right, you are a coward who goes around shouting racist because every time somebody gives another piece of EVIDENCE that your candidate is the sorriest piece of crap ever to run in an election.

    I have decide to publish your childish and rude comment here for all the world to see exactly what an Obama supporter sounds like- Keep it coming- every time one of you hits a keyboard we get one more vote against your master.

    You should grow up and realize what is happening to OUR country- Fl in 2000, OH in 2004, Fl and MI in 2008. What state is next? Will it be your vote that is discounted next time? Your Mom or Dad’s? How about maybe your siblings or your friends???

    It is SO not about a candidate- It IS about not losing our country. Count every vote or someday your vote won’t count!

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