Memorial Day Thank You


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  1. Beautifully said Super Gram – I have been thinking these past couple of days about the lessons passed on to a generation of Americans by those who lived through the Great Depression and one or both of the Great World Wars. We were taught to fight hard, but fair. We were taught to at least show respect for those with whom we disagreed. We were taught to give our best and to be honorable people in the world. We were taught these things by people who had seen some pretty ugly stuff, yet held out hope that there was a better way to live. Hillary Clinton, knowing full well what she has been up against, has run an honorable campaign. Her opponent has used outright bullying of caucus delegates and every underhanded tactic, distortion and poisonous psyops trick in the book to achieve his position. I don’t think the people we honor today gave their lives so that these values could hold sway.

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