I am a PATRIOT not a racist!

As I was reading the various Memorial Day posts and composing my own blog the Patriotism of the authors and their love for our country came shining through.
During the course of this campaign I have been called some foul names by Obama supporters on various sites; the most hurtful to me was being called a racist. Over and over and over I see the Obama camp playing the race card and I am stunned. Everywhere I go on the web I see it- when a poster declares for Hillary and says they will not vote Obama, ever, they are condemned by the Obamaniacs as racists.

Well I am not a racist! I am a PATRIOT! I love my country and I fear Obama is up to no good. I am not sure he feels about our country as we, the typical, rural, gun clinging, Bible thumping average Americans feel. His wife has surely made herself understood- she thinks America is mean and has never before been proud of her country. We have all by now heard his lunatic “former” pastor ranting and raving about G*** D**** America.
I have learned of Obama’s association with Wright, Rezko, Ayers, Kahlidi, Odinga and others and I truly believe, in my heart of hearts, that Obama aligns himself with others whose thinking and attitudes he endorses or shares.
I saw the photo of Obama with the other candidates on stage. You know the one where he does not put his hand over his heart?
So Obama fans- I have done my research and drawn my conclusions. I DO NOT trust your candidate to do what is right for our country. If we dare to ask what his position on an issue might be, the only answer Obama supporters can give is we must be racists.
NOT! The word, from now on, is PATRIOT! If the DNC drives the bus off the cliff, I won’t be on that bus because Obama threw me under it a long time ago. If Dean and Brazile and the DNC manage to coronate the most unelectable candidate of my lifetime I will be campaigning for Mccain. It is my patriotic duty.

Oh- and Barack- in case this lowly little blog comes to your attention, please watch the video- you will find there-in the proper etiquette for the National Anthem displayed by TWO former Presidents!

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