Sticks and Stones……..

I read this over at No Quarter and recognized the untold story of millions upon millions of women-

about what it is to be a woman in this world … as I remember it, it is to have a state senator feel me up in the state senate elevator when I was a page, and not be able to say a word about it … to fight off a would-be rapist and beg for my life … to be told that I was too pretty or too educated for many jobs … to have a man, in a late 1960s Esalan seminar, tell me I looked like the most “plastic chick” in the place until he heard me talk … to have my various body parts discussed by boyfriends — past, current, and prospective, as if I were a slab of meat to be purchased for dinner … to hear male relatives appraise the size of my buttocks, breasts and legs as a matter of appraisal of my worth on the market for a husband … to have a male client, whose wife was in the hospital because she’d just given birth to their first child, grab and and press his body to mine, and kiss me … none of these experiences can begin to compare …

How many of us can tell similar stories? How many of us lived through, fought through, grew up in the time of the great struggle for “Women’s’ Liberation?” And isn’t is sad that the woman who so bravely told the story above is reviled as a racist for telling the truth about an inferior candidate? What is it that makes the vile Obots leave comments like this on a blogger’s posts? (The following is a quote also from No Quarter sent as a reply to another of Susan’s posts)

Check out the classy message from an Obamabot:

Dave Dial | | IP:

You ARE a Racist Susan, a digusting pig of a racist.

And you, Larry and your merry band of pointy-hatted posters here at NoQuarter are going to be very lonely over here screaming your heads off when President Obama takes the oath of Office.

And yes, that IS going to happen. And you, Lin, Larry, Alegre and all the people here that support your racist rantings will NEVER be allowed back into the progressive community again.

And it’s known who everyone is, Brian made sure of that.

Take take your rantings and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

It seems to be the latest rage to try and discredit anybody who hasn’t drunk the Kool-Aid and jumped on the sinking ratboat by calling them racists. Well, Susan, Larry, Linfar, Alegre and countless others have lived through worse than being called a racist and come out stronger for it. Check out the diaries written by Alegre, Linfar, TexasDarlin, New Hampster and others over on MyDD. Alegre called for a boycott of D**** K***, (a very successful strike I might add,) because of the hateful comments left on her pro-Hillary diaries.

The Oborats just don’t seem to get it. We have vetted your candidate (no thanks to the media) and have found him wanting. Some of us are new to the blogging scene, but not to politics. Some are veteran bloggers. We are women and men, young and old, yellow, brown, black, white and red (and every imaginable combination thereof.) We come from every income and educational class and live “from sea to shining sea.” We have chosen the best candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Your name calling is just as childish now as it was in grade school.

Know this, children of the O- We have recognized and fought back against bigots all our lives and we won’t stop now. Your nasty little comments are not going to change our minds.

Sticks and stones may break your bones but broken bones heal stronger and tougher. We will continue to expose Ofraudma for what he is- the biggest racist of them all.


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  1. You are one great lady, supergram!

  2. I can relate to the sticks and stones post very well. Not something I like to dwell on, but it has made me who I am, and I wouldn’t change a thing. This primary season has made me realize the unity we need is with our sisters. I’m so pleased that it seems to be happening! Hillary Is My Hero!

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