Hillary- Team Captain!

Obama plans to prematurely, publicly declare himself the “winner” before the end of May. And we, Hillary Clinton’s supporters, are expected to shut up, fall in line and get behind the “nominee.” Discard the best candidate, the one with the most detailed plans and proposals, the candidate with a record of working on and for the issues that matter to us- Universal Health Care, the high cost of energy, taking back the Bush Big Oil subsidies and bringing a responsible end to the war in Iraq. Throw it all over and become cheerleaders for a loser.
How many times has this happened to women? I know it has happened to me, personally. I worked my tail off to be the best in my position and did it. Consistently led my district in all the metrics my company used to measure people for promotion. Guess what?? When the time came, I was passed over and the job given to, you guessed it, a younger man who had not even mastered the basic skills necessary for the position. Even more infuriating, I was asked by district managers and Human Resources folks to SUPPORT this guy, to teach him the ropes, to do his fricking job for him. There would be more opportunities for me- later. How did he do it?? He sucked up to the high ranking folks and sold them a line of B.S. Took credit for work he had not done (I know because nobody bothered to tell him I was the one who was asked to go and help another female manager straighten out the unit he was assigned to a year before he got there. He had the nerve to brag to me about how “He” had turned that unit around. Sorry, pal, I was there, I was part of the team that turned that unit. YOU did squat! You were not even working for the company yet! She and I have since left that company.) Since he got the position, the unit (the employees of which keep me updated) has been on a downward spiral. Won’t be long before it closes and 53 people are out of work. And that bit about ‘other opportunities?’ More of the same- go here and help this unit out, go there, they’re really in trouble. But no credit or promotion for me.
And here we have the same thing happening to Hillary. Sorry, old girl, you did great work but step aside. We do need you to go out and stump for our guy though, party unity and all that. You can have the head cheerleader position.
Now why in heaven’s name should Hillary settle for the cheer leading position when she has all the knowledge, talent and experience to be leading the team to victory on the field?
I thought relegating women to the cheerleaders spot went out with Title IX!
Let’s nominate the first string quarterback and let the third stringer bide his time while he learns and EARNS his way to the top spot.
(And while we’re at it- fire Coaches Brazile and Dean who are trying to throw the game.)


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  1. Great post!

    I pick Hillary!!!

  2. I feel your frustration.

    It’s not Obama. It’s the Party Leadership, the Press, and the Left that are pushing this candidate forward. Democratic leadership simple sold out the women’s vote because they believe that women will continue to support them regardless. By going with Obama, Democratic leaders hope to expand the party with new African American and young voters.

    It’s time to send a message ladies.

    Whomever you vote for in Nov. make today INDEPENDANCE DAY. Reregister as an Independant the day Clinton concedes.

    You have the power to send a message! Nothing will change unless we change.

    Think about it!

  3. This is exactly right.

    Men have a problem with STRONG WOMEN.

    My experience with working for 18 different men over a 25 year period is that when you ask questions, most men think you are “questioning” their abilities when all you are doing is trying to work as a team together. And, you are trying to get it right the first time!

    Sexism is particularly bad when you are with higher-educated men (like congressmen, etc.) and Hillary has a truly uphill battle. I truly believe those type of men would rather have a black man with little experience who will make mistakes, than a woman who will “do it right the first time”; however, she might question them on the way before she makes the decisions.

  4. I will NOT be voting Obama, ever. This whole election cycle I have watched as the media and the DNC pushed this wannabe and wondered if the Women’s Liberation Movement had ever happened.
    I will not go the the sidelines and be a cheerleader for a fraud.

  5. Loved the metaphor. Nobama, for sure. And I’ll be joining you as an independent. My plan is to write in Hillary if I can, and if it comes to that. This primary has left such a bitter taste…I think we need to start paying a great deal of attention to the blatant misogyny going on in the press and in the country…while we’re still around to notice and react. Hillary 08, the change America really needs!

  6. Morning Gram! Just wanted to stop by and wish you some sunshine today. Remember, Hillary appreciates all you do.


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