The Flag Flies

I was born on the fourth of July- a real Yankee Doodle- patriotic songs
still make me cry. I sing my heart out on all of them, spent years and
years going to the Boston Pops free 4Th of July concert on the
Esplanade. Now that is a great event where people from all over the country, the world, come to hear wonderful music, see great fireworks and celebrate America’s birthday. Families and singles, young and old, rich and poor, black, white, yellow, brown and red; all gather together to celebrate our Independence. One of the most moving parts for me is the patriotic sing-along. Corny?? yeah, probably so. But go try it sometime- go ahead- gather with 250,00 people and sing “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy”, “It’s a Grand Old Flag” and “God Bless America.” It is an incredible feeling of oneness, of being part of something bigger than your neighborhood or state.

I have always flown an American flag with pride in front of every place
I have ever lived, a tradition passed on from my parents, who got it from their parents. (My Dad fastened a pink ribbon to the flagstaff when I was born to let everyone know “It’s a girl.” Too bad the rain washed out the color.)
I learned proper flag etiquette in school and how to correctly fold the flag in Girl Scouts. When I was a scout leader, it was a privilege to teach the children how to properly plan and conduct flag ceremonies. I have had many flags over the years, including the one my son gave me from his time in Iraq. As each flag has become worn, it has been retired. The Boy Scouts collect them and they are disposed of in a ceremonial fire, with reverence.

In 2000, I took down my flag and vowed not to fly it again until we once again had
free and fair elections in this great country. In 2004, I watched as the election was once again stolen from the American people, and my flag remained folded away.
I was SOOO looking forward to proudly raising the flag from the pole in front of our house in November. Now I see videos showing illegalities in the Texas caucuses, read reports of voter intimidation and news reports of elderly nuns denied their right to vote due to a Supreme Court ruling. Shame, Shame, Shame! What has happened to our country? Where are the voices raised in outrage? Who will stand for us??

If anybody but Hillary is elected, I will consider the election to be
unfair, tainted by corruption, bullying and fraud. My flag will stay
carefully, correctly folded, preserved against the day America comes to
her senses.
Until then, my flag flies only in my heart.

Pray with me now, please, for our country.

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