Pa turned the tide!

Man what a day! I did my Hillary thing at my precinct, giving out
literature, waving my sign, asking for votes, thanking everybody for
coming out to vote. We have two thousand registered voters total (I
know real small town America.) By 4:30 we were over 830 voters, by 6
over 900. I did not get the final number before they locked the doors
but it looks to me like we will have close to 50% turnout- unheard of
for a primary here. (Got a sunburn too- with repeated apps of
sunscreen! Worth it though!)
The number of folks who came up to me and gave me smiles, positive
thoughts, comments and prayers for Hillary was AMAZING! The pride in
the eyes and wide smiles of the elderly women was too beautiful to
describe. There were young and old, men and women, and so many people
brought their children and grandchildren to see history being made!
Guys- I just don’t have words for it- one of my daughter’s friends
who is not yet old enough to vote was told by her grand dad that I
was at the precinct- she came up to sign wave with me and brought me a
nice cold juice. She is a member of the Young Dems here and will be
watching the vote count at the courthouse tonight. She was so
disappointed not to be able to cast her vote for Hillary- but
involved nonetheless (and grand dad voted Hillary too!)
Gut feeling? Hillary took this one little precinct hands down!
Republican turnout was very small, but that was expected.
I had at least thirty people tell me it’s Hillary or they are voting
McCain- men and women!
Last but not least- the elderly lady who is the committee chair for
our precinct wants me to take over when she retires in two years! OH
UPDATE with hard numbers
Democratic turnout in my county- 57.48% WOW! unheard of!
Hillary took my county 63%-37%
Erie County 63%-37% and a big shout out to the AA leaders and community of Erie- especially Rubye Husband-Jones for her unfailing support and work for Hillary!
Mercer County 70%- 30%
Allegheny county- Pittsburgh and the colleges- 54.4-45.6 Guess the college students were not registered in Pittsburgh?????
Washington County- 71-28 (just outside of Pittsburgh)
Butler County, and this is very interesting as I had a comment on MyDD from an Obama supporter who lives in Butler telling me I was full of s**t that my county was solid Hillary-
Butler County- Hillary 63.4-36.6 Too much Kool-aid there buddy????

The numbers are in and Pa turned the tide. Yes, we bitter, gun toting, church going folks listened and reasoned and turned out in record numbers FOR HILLARY! We came out in record numbers to vote for the most qualified candidate- Hillary Clinton!

Whatever Obama is selling, we are not buying!


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